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A little detail I didn’t notice until now - the acts recruited for The Tops Casino during the mission Talent Pool later appear advertised on a billboard.

A little detail I didn’t notice until now - the acts recruited for The Tops Casino during the mission Talent Pool later appear advertised on a billboard. submitted by SadCarbonara to fnv [link] [comments]

A little detail I didn’t notice until now - the acts recruited for The Tops Casino during the mission Talent Pool later appear advertised on a billboard. (/r/fnv)

A little detail I didn’t notice until now - the acts recruited for The Tops Casino during the mission Talent Pool later appear advertised on a billboard. (/fnv) submitted by ContentForager to mistyfront [link] [comments]

A casino in my area is using the P.E.T.A lobster to advertise their seafood buffet. I even spotted it on a highway billboard. [OC]

A casino in my area is using the P.E.T.A lobster to advertise their seafood buffet. I even spotted it on a highway billboard. [OC] submitted by robinson217 to funny [link] [comments]

Do you really like your beer, or are you just a victim of Capitalist Propaganda? How you can learn how the free market works while you guzzle some suds, and how beer can help you to understand the vast conspiracy that is slowly degrading America.

TL;DR - I use the craft beer industry as a way to understand Capitalist Propaganda, how Capitalism and Socialism are inextricably linked to each other, and how through the use of propaganda, companies use the "illusion of choice" to coerce you into believing that you prefer the products that are most favorable to them. In order to change this into the consumer's favor, you need to be an informed consumer in the free market, and raise class consciousness to overthrow the tyranny of Capitalist Propaganda, that is called "Marketing".
You can't understand Capitalist Propaganda unless you have a solid understanding of what Capitalism is beyond the literal definition of the word, which is just an abstract ideal. Propaganda plays off of the discrepancies between the ideals of Capitalism, like the free market, which is another abstract ideal, and the reality of Capitalism in practice in America, which can be characterized as Trickle Down Economics. Capitalism sought to be a pragmatic alternative to its economic predecessors, a fact which drives Capitalist Propaganda. However, through layers of abstraction throughout the years, it has become more of a religion, as critics refer to the increasingly ideological concept as "Supply Side Jesus", meaning you give all the money to the rich, it'll trickle down to the poor, and they can "vote" on the actions of the capitalists through monetary interactions in the free market.
Capitalist Propaganda is engrained in America, because at the time of our founding, Adam Smith wrote "Wealth of Nations", which is considered the Bible of the Free Market. This groundbreaking work utilized Newton's Laws of Physics, which were en vogue at the time, to describe how interactions in the marketplace would balance each other out, just as the laws of Newtonian Physics do.
The very noble purpose of Wealth of Nations was not create the oligarchy we have today, but to do the opposite. He wanted to describe a system that would protect individual freedoms and be truly democratic. Just as Lenin and Stalin bastardized the works of Marx, so too have capitalists in America bastardized the intentions of Adam Smith.
Capitalism and Socialism are best learned side by side, in my opinion, to avoid falling into the trappings of either ideology that our brains like to do. Which one is better? It depends on the market, but the answer is almost always somewhere in between.
Through learning how Socialist concepts can be applied to problems in Capitalism, you can cut through the propaganda and will see for yourself that these problems can be solved if we just drop the labels and do what's best for society and the individual. The problem is always finding the proper balance.
Yep. You can never live in a pure economic system. Purity is always an illusion. If you want something to be pure, you have to put a lot of energy into making it that way. Nature likes to mix stuff up. This is why ideologies around racial purity and fascism always fail. There are people who want a "pure" economic system, but they are usually the people at the top and would only get richer from more purity while the rest of society loses freedom and slowly starves.
In a nutshell, Capitalism promotes laws that benefit those with money, while Socialism promotes a safety net that benefits everyone. Every single human is born into Socialism. As a baby, you need food, someone else works for it and gives it to you, but then at some point, you are expected to exchange labor for capital, and buy your own food. See? The two are forever bound as the yin and yang. You can also grow your own food, but for that you need land, which is capital.
These interactions are very tricky. I only want to tell you enough so that you can start to see Capitalist Propaganda, because right now, you're like a fish in water that can't see water. I often use this line to describe a person who can't see their own homegrown propaganda. The best way I found to study Capitalism is by relating it Socialism, the "air" above the "water" of Capitalism, if that makes sense.
I always find it best to look at a microcosm to understand these concepts. And today, that microcosm is beer.
Before I poison your mind with my own propaganda, picture you're on vacation and you walk into a bar and want to order a beer. If you really want to understand the power of propaganda in your own life, really think of this before we break this all down. Really think, what makes you decide which beer to order? Do you like to look at the labels on the tap or bottle? That's obvious propaganda. It has absolutely nothing to do with the taste or quality of the beer itself, but sways your opinion toward logos you've seen before, which is why you see so many beer advertisements, which means that money that could've gone into quality is instead going into propaganda, and you're already biased towards an inferior product. Interesting. You really can't help being swayed by marketing, but at least you can be conscious of that fact, and that's important in order to be an informed consumer.
Do you ask the bartender for a recommendation? Why would you do that? You don't know the bartender any better than the beers in front of you. How do you know they aren't paid more to offer you a beer that sucks and is 12 years old and the owner wants to get rid of it? Do you ask for a certain style of beer? Do you ask for a local beer? And once you finally narrow it down to a few choices, do you ask for samples so you can make up your own mind? You should always do this. Then we get into "flavor propaganda", which we'll discuss later. Jeez. Did you every realize there was so much complexity behind being an informed consumer and just ordering a simple beer? Maybe you'll give in and just tell the bartender to pour whatever. Choice is difficult sometimes.
If you really visualize this and take a minute to let this sink in, you'll start to understand how external forces hijack the processor in your mind to manufacture desire through the illusion of choice. However, your health and enjoyment of the beer is not the goal for these external forces, they only want you to purchase. The perfect example is fast food. They know their product sucks, but they know you'll keep buying it, but that doesn't keep them from lying about how delicious it is in their ads. There is far more at play behind the curtain. There is a science behind addicting you to things, this is reinforced by a corporate tax and subsidy system that contorts the free market pushing centralization of production through homogenization and use of chemicals to hide the homogenization, and simply because there is more than one option, they make you feel like you have choice. This, in a nutshell, is how the illusion of choice works in the free market. It's not about what YOU want. The producer manipulates you to think you want what they have. Through this, they deceive Americans into buying products with a list of ingredients that a person would never freely choose to consume. So if you want to order a beer with no shit in it, then you're shit out of luck in America. You could in Germany, but we'll discuss that later.
While you're standing at that bar, you aren't conscious of the fact that your interests are in direct opposition to those of the bar owner's. Capitalists hide this fact with their perfect smiles, but Marx described this in detail. You want the best beer for the cheapest price, and the bar owner wants to sell you the cheapest beer at the highest price you'll pay. It doesn't stop there. The bar owner flips roles in the same situation with the beer distributor, who does the same with maybe another level of distribution, and continues to the brewer, then goes to the brewer versus supplier, supplier to farmer, and even though you'd think it stops there, the farmer has to deal with suppliers of equipment and seeds, and on and on.
Add to this list their auxiliary staff of HR, drivers, managers, brewers, bottle/keg makers, and of course owners, none of them care whether you actually like the beer you're drinking as long as you keep buying more. That's the big driver here.
Did you ever realize that every time you buy a beer, your own capital is partially responsible for creating and sustaining all of these jobs involved? You, my dear beer drinker, are the true job creator. Budweiser can brew all they want, it means nothing without buyers, who are the true engines of capitalism. Instead, you're treated as a rube by suits in a boardroom somewhere.
Capitalist Propaganda tells us the billionaires are job creators, but this is a lie. Jeff Bezos can't drink enough beer to sustain all these jobs. So why do we let him hoard all the money? Wouldn't the economy do better if we spread out Jeff's money so more people could buy more beers and more jobs would be created? According to Socialist Economics, yes. That's actually, quite simply, a Socialist Free Market. Did you even know that existed? The power hungry greedy people who are too lazy for manual labor go to such great lengths to make sure you don't learn it. They want you to think that only Capitalism allows you choice in the market. I'm sure you can guess why they say that.
Capitalism maintains itself by exulting the wealthy who use their economic power to punch down. The only way this system won't fall into fascism and fail is if the consumers start to punch back. Where Marx envisioned the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as they usurped power from the Bourgeoisie, a modern alternative is just teaching people to understand the system we live in, so that we can just start making changes in the way we live and to whom we give our money.
See that? Capitalism and Socialism can get along nicely, so long as the consumers are informed.
What I described within the previous section is what Marx called "Alienation of Labor". Each step in the process of making your beer is isolated from the others, so no one feels ownership over the end product or a true connection to the consumer, or job creator. Even the bartender selling it is alienated from the profit of their labor in serving the beer, so they only focus on the service aspect of giving you the beer, because that is where they earn their tip. They can't really fix anything about a shitty beer other than to offer you a different brand. The capitalist owner is usually not there. Their only interaction is setting the rules for everyone in the bar to follow, and pay themselves more than everyone who has to follow those rules. This is part of the conflict between the classes. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm just pointing it out. The bar owner themself has to spend money on propaganda to attract customers that could be spent in other places, so has to find ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, they buy cheaper beer...and this is why you end up with IPAs. No one is connected to the products, so they only look at prices and find the cheapest, passable product. This is the race to the bottom of Capitalism.
Compare this to when brewpubs were a new thing. The brewer would come out and talk to you about the beer, you would give feedback that could effect future batches and it connected everyone to each other through commerce. It makes business "social" and I think nearly everyone enjoys that, but it is losing out in competition with chain breweries that enforce isolation and make cookie cutter propaganda and cookie cutter business models so they can turn owners into managers and suck all the profit back their corporate headquarters and offshore accounts. They kill the experience and make everything transactional. And all the kitsch they hang around their cookie cutter chain bar is just to hide the fact that no one in that place cares about anything other than not getting fired. Everyone is effectually alienated from everyone else. It's worth a read to check out this page on Marx's Theory of Alienation.
This alienation is the root of a lot of misery in society. Humans are communal animals forced to live in a society of individuality and alienation. As they mope around, they seek an escape. And that is why advertising is so nefarious. It seeks to manipulate you in that state. Imagine driving home from your alienating job to you empty home, but looking up and see a billboard with bunch of actors laughing and drinking beer. They take pictures that make these actors look like friends. It's just for show. They aren't selling beer to those laughing people in the picture. They're tempting lonely people to drown their sorrows. Capitalist Propaganda is used so your brain doesn't understand what it wants. It wants friends, then sees the words Bud Light. So when the bartenders asks...Make it a Bud Light. Look at how much money they spend to manipulate and capitalize on people's suffering.
Propaganda in Communist countries is controlled by the government, so it's clear who the enemy of your freedom is. Capitalist Propaganda hides behind the layers of complexity of the same economy you rely on to survive, so you never know what's propaganda or where it's coming from. Marketers find every way imaginable to get their disinformation in front of your eyes, even enlisting your friends on Facebook in annoying MLM schemes. Propaganda invaded everything that can be legally monetized. It's in the media, and not just commercials anymore. There's product placement, stories injected into the news, and even movies and social media created an entire industry of "lifestyle propaganda", telling you how to live your life and indulge in overconsumption. It's REALLY hard to get away from Capitalist Propaganda. There is so much money and research behind it and so much depth, even this long post is only barely scratching the surface. I just want to open your eyes to it.
I can't make you see all this. No one can. I can only describe it as best as I can. What you will experience when you understand this is what I call "Economic Enlightenment", similar to what Marx called "Class Consciousness". Once it happened to me, the world looked amazing, and the shitty propagandists selling us false hope all look like clowns in a very odd circus of vanity, despair and mediocrity.
Once I understood this, I saw clearly how we are increasingly trapped in a form of Corporate Slavery, led by seriously ridiculous oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg, who thinks he's the reincarnation of Augustus Caesar or something. That's why he has that haircut! This is a guy who stole a company and hired "screen psychologists" from Las Vegas to get you hooked on Facebook the same as casinos do with slot machines. He wants to be the funnel for propaganda throughout the world. He wants to be the kingmaker, decide what people buy, who they like, what views they hold. He can only do this because so many companies spend so much money to put their propaganda on that platform. They can only have this much money because the free market is not actually free. It's bought and paid for on platforms like Facebook and Amazon. The money that was supposed to "trickle down" is instead being spent on Capitalist Propaganda on these platforms, to get the proletariate to trickle their money up through endless, nonsensical online purchasing and local businesses who send the town's money to people who can't do anything with it but buy up properties that increase your rent and cost of living.
When people get drunk on the power of propaganda, they forget the lessons of the past. Propagandists always fall prey to their own delusions over time. In reality, your life is better without Facebook. There isn't anything on there that is healthy. Even if you just want to talk to a few friends, you are going to fall for the propaganda there. You can't help it. And if your bar advertises on Facebook, just think, that money could've gone into purchasing higher quality beer then sold at the same price, instead of going to Mark Zuckerberg so he can drop $30 million to buy the houses around him so no one can spy on him while he spies on you. You really gotta watch out for a guy who combines spying and propaganda all into a single app and thinks he's going to bring 200 years of peace to America. History is littered with knuckleheads like that. It's best to get off Facebook and encourage everyone else to do the same. Zuck only wants to lead himself to the Promised Land, and he's using your ignorance to fuel his own delusions by deluding you into thinking you want what he has to offer.
Let's get back to beer.
I like beer. When I worked in Germany, it was easy to walk into a bar and, like Farva, just order a liter o' beer. Often, there would only be two choices, light color or dark. As a matter of fact, even at the most famous beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest, people mostly drink the same standard type of beer, and no one complains about the lack of choice. It's quite easy. You can order with one finger. No need to see a menu or ask what's in it. It's simply beer. This worked for centuries. Consumers are fine with it. Prost! Have you ever shared a story like this and people say, "Oh, that would never work in America. Americans want choice." Yeah. Because we are flooded with Capitalist Propaganda.
So if consumer choice isn't pushing for a selection, why would a free market call for it? Imagine there are two bars and one of those bars says "30 beers on tap" and the other doesn't. You're more likely to choose it, and the other bar will have to compete in some way, often by copying. This forms trends, and people mistake this for something customers wanted. Trends are always marketing. Don't believe me? What happened to fidget spinners? So now you have a bunch of beers that no one asked for, yet will now demand. Competition creates more Capitalist Propaganda to create demand for something you never even wanted, but makes you think you do. And that's the best propaganda. You think you are thinking for yourself. This is the fallacy of consumer choice.
If you want to understand just how important that last paragraph is, consider this, "consumer choice" is the same propaganda they used to get you to carry around a device that spies on you 24/7 and sends that data to people you don't know, and you can't stop it, can you? You chose that. You wanted it. Not only that, but you paid $1,000 for the device to opt into their spying program, for the privilege of being mind controlled by the propaganda their AI selects for you. Did you read the Terms of Service? As bad as you may have thought Communist Propaganda was, Capitalist Propaganda is far better, and far stealthier. You believe you have freedom of choice. But your only choice is usually take it, or leave it. Oh, you need it for work? Maybe find a different job. Or just succumb to mass surveillance, and next year, you can drop another grand on a device with a marginally better camera.
There is a way to free yourself. You just have to understand the nature of propaganda. It took me a while, but I eventually broke free. Under Socialism, there would be laws against the exploitation of consumers. Capitalist Propaganda tells you that this takes away your freedom. This is a lie. Regulations give you the freedom to not have to worry whether the beer you're drinking has poison in it.
Germany has a lot of regulations on beer. It has the Reinheitsgebot (purity order), a law passed in 1516 that states that beer can only consist of water, hops and barley. Note, this is a different use of the word "purity" from earlier, as beer is itself a mixture of things. Historically there have also been regulations where beer could only be sold regionally, so no matter what part of Germany you were in, you only got a certain brand of beer at the bar, but it didn't matter because they all had the same ingredients. They could make wheat beers or unfiltered, but they were generally variations of pilsners and lagers. One meaning of the word "Lager" in German is "storage", meaning the beer was brewed in a way that it could be stored, allowing them to brew in bigger batches and store it.
Lagers use a more complex brewing process, so only larger breweries would make them, but this worked because of protected territories. America has a similar system, because each state has its own regulations on alcohol, but this is changing as corporate lawyers fight to homogenize the rules favorable to them, but the consumer loses control. Big brands tend to be lagers as they have general appeal to a wide audience. Did you notice this is the second time I pointed out that corporations create homogeneity? Without regulations, corporations create Fascism. That is why I tell people that we already live in the NWO but corporations rule the world instead of governments. Why do you think so few conspiracy theorists make this connection? Propagandists are paid a lot of money to keep even our small community confused about the reality of what's happening. Now, check out conspiracy and you'll see what I mean. They are spreading propaganda for the NWO over there and don't even know it. I tried to point that out and they finally banned me. Oh well. They'll figure it out in their own time.
In America, in 1978 it became legal to brew beer at home. This is what led to the explosion of new beers in the US decades later. Americans don't have purity laws, so could test new recipes. But people didn't generally like IPAs before, so how did they become so popular that they control 30% of the market? Marketing, of course. Create the market and tell people what they want.
IPA stands for India Pale Ale. It was invented by the British as an easy way to make a beer that they could drink in India. People only drank it out of necessity, as the other beers couldn't make the trip. IPAs are very easy to make and very forgiving, because if you mess it up, it already tasted bad anyway. As people started trying to get into microbrews, they often didn't have the capital to make lagers at small scale, and also wanted a simpler process so they didn't have to hire or train expert brewers, IPAs are cheap and easy to make at smaller scale.
In order to make it drinkable, brewers experimented with many different flavorings. This created a cult following of craft IPAs, where people would drive hours to stand in line for hours to try the newest concoction. The trendy nature of the craft beer world kept people training their palate to adapt to the taste of an IPA, making people start to actually like them. The flavorings made people think they were different, so even if they didn't like it, marketing tactics kept people coming back to try the latest blend. Your palate can adapt A LOT. Swedish people love Surströmming, but watch this video of Americans trying it for the first time. They tried to get me to eat it several times, but I would rather sit in a sauna until Tuesday to avoid smelling it while watching them eat it. It really smells that bad.
IPAs enticed people with popular, aromatic ingredients like bananas and pineapple. This is what I call "flavor propaganda". It's not bad in and of itself, but it can be easily misused to cover issues with quality or hide the taste of preservatives. Since we don'e have laws like Germany, you're left to rely on the knowledge and honesty of the bartender to find out. They don't make this info readily available, which is another form of Disinformation.
So if you think you actually like IPAs, just remember, you are just like a Swede eating rotten fish. A lot of propaganda went in to making IPAs popular, but it's the cheapest, easiest product to make that can be sold at the highest price, so they become popular. This is what business students call a business plan. To overcome the bad taste, IPAs were marketed as "classy" to shame you if you choose the more expensive to produce and more appealing pilsners and lagers, which were given a bad name due to being associated with major brands like Bud Light. This makes it harder to market microbrew lagers, which can only fetch a certain price due to association. And this is what is referred to as the "race to the bottom" in Capitalism.
Instead of trying to innovate ways to produce the beers you want, they just figure out how to get you to pay more for an inferior product, just like they do with BBQ. They make you think you want it. From this you can understand why "food" is full of junk that you wouldn't feed your dog. Whatever legal poison helps cheapen the product is considered "smart business", another propaganda term designed to hide the reality of doing immoral and harmful things to other humans for profit. If you make money on it, it's good. As if there aren't better choices we could come up with if there truly were a free market with an informed consumer.
We don't need a Communist Revolution to make positive changes, so take off your ski masks and put your Antifa flags down. I like microbrew culture and still enjoy IPAs, but understanding the marketplace is how I do my part as an informed consumer and job creator to help create the world that I want to live in. I encourage you to do the same. Vote with your dollars. Don't let the Zuck-type sociopathic, corporate people in a distant land decide what you consume by looking at ads on his platform. Visit local breweries and talk to the brewmaster. Don't reinforce alienation from labor. Connect with the people who make the things you buy. Support independent entrepreneurship. These are the paths to a brighter future where we share in the abundance of wealth.
Discover Economic Enlightenment for yourself and realize that We The People are ultimately in control. Wealth inequality is greater than it was in France before the French Revolution. Don't let this train take us into the depths where another Lenin will arise and spend the night shooting people.
How you choose to spend your money today is what decides what will become the society of tomorrow. And remember, you always have the choice to buy nothing at all. I never saw a billboard that said that.
I hope this gave you a glimpse behind the curtain of Capitalist Propaganda. Propaganda isn't just political, it has invaded everything and it's at full blast right now. I hope you can piece together how Capitalist Propaganda is actually designed to make you subservient by controlling what you want so they can maximize their own profit and teach you to accept whatever they offer, the homogenization of choice. However, your life is your own and you should remain in control of all aspects of it, including your desires.
Richard Wolff is an economist who studied at three elite universities in America and discusses how he was not able to even learn about Socialist Economics in the ivory tower, even though Capitalist Propaganda calls universities leftist. He found no department in America that is even willing to teach it or study it. Capitalist Propaganda censors these ideas, especially at the university. People in power don't want the serfs to learn about themselves. Check him out on YouTube. You'll realize that unchecked Capitalism leads to Fascism and Slavery, which is why they want to get rid of the minimum wage, so that we can return to sharecropping which is already increasingly happening in America under different names, like "student debt", "mortgages" and "insurance". Don't you think it's odd that a person has to go into debt so they can generate profits for corporations who really ought to be paying for this education themselves? If you have to go into debt before they'll hire you, it's much easier to negotiate against you.
If you want to see other examples of propaganda, check out this random tweet from one of America's Top Capitalist Propagandists. These are very odd pictures, and the only thing I can see in them is that they must be promoting those outfits, likely the blue dress, maybe those men's outfits as well. One thing you know is that she didn't become a billionaire by letting any single opportunity to enrich herself at the expense of others pass her by. I didn't look it up, but I am certain they sell that blue dress, or whoever does paid her to post this.
That's the main reason celebrities use social media. It's marketing. Their whole schtick is to sell garments made in a sweatshop in a foreign country by people who can't even afford a beer to Americans who are facing bankruptcy and homelessness themselves.
Read the replies of the tweet. These people have influence that vastly outsizes their understanding of their impact on the world. There are guillotines in the comments. There usually are. I'm seeing them a lot lately.
This type of propaganda is everywhere. And it's destroying America. Just like propaganda led to the demise of Nazi Germany, we could be looking at the same thing, but worse. It could start off as famine.
If you're having trouble deciding between the beers you are being offered, it's probably because you don't want anything at all, in which case the proper choice is: nothing. Or, try tap water. Maybe you're just thirsty. Now ask yourself, when you envisioned yourself at a bar, did you ever think to order water instead? Did you entertain the idea that you didn't even want a beer. That's the power of suggestion.
What if the rest of the world just cut America off from the means of production outsourced to areas with cheap labor? We would have our own famine and likely war. And if we have a revolution here, with the masses in the country being so disinformed about everything and not having any sort of class consciousness at the moment and instead stuck in alienation, the leader that rises here will likely lead to something horrifying. And we censor ourselves from pointing out the simple fact, that the only way America will survive is to tax the deluded royalty like Kim and Mark back to reality, so they can't indulge their reckless, childish delusions by selling off the very fabric of our nation to the highest bidder.
That doesn't make me a Socialist, that just makes me honest.
Enjoy your beer!
Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you understand how you can empower yourself. I'm excited about the one I wrote for Election Day tomorrow to keep our NOPOL spirits up while all the politics clouds the airwaves. Cheers!
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DAY 108!!!

Hey Legends! I’m from Melbourne, Australia and recently with lockdown and everything opening up again I feel like the temptation and thought of succumbing to relapsing is stronger then ever...
Pubs all opening with Slots & TABs..
Casinos open again and everyone posting it on social media...
On the topic of media even here in Melbourne you cannot got half a day without seeing advertising either on your phone or out on big billboards..
I guess what I’m trying to get across in this all over the place ranting mess is.... that it’s not going to be easy, some days will be a breeze, and some days will be such a struggle, but just being able to fight for your cause and post that SIGNIFICANT number here on this reddit group and read other like minded peoples posts has literally saved me from my own addiction.
Anyway! To all you battlers out there doing it tough in lockdown and in general keep fighting those demons!! Let’s kill it together and win at life 🤙🏽
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Plane flying banner over town on weekends?

On and off over the past few years, especially in the summertime, I’ve seen a small plane flying a big billboard-type banner behind it in the skies over town. I remember it advertised the Chumash Casino in the past. I’ve been seeing it again, flying a Geico billboard.
My opinions about it are all negative. SB has an ordinance against print billboards, for one. Geico hardly needs advertising, and putting it in the sky like this is a waste of resources, and is pollution on many levels: air, noise, sight. It’s just so... unnecessary, dirty, tasteless.
Does anyone know the pilot who runs this service? Has anyone here ever complained officially about it, and if so where and to whom?
I’ve got my suit on for protection from all the roasting I’m sure I’m going to get for posting. Hoping to get some quality info, though. Cheers.
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Casino billboard on the east side of downtown

Every morning I go to work by coming in on I-30 and then going north on 75/45 to Woodall Rogers. And on that little stretch of 75/45 there's a billboard advertising a casino that says "HIT IT BIG". But just to the left of that text is a hand of cards. The text is white. The cards are white. And every time I see it, my brain says "SHIT IT BIG".
Just thought I'd share.
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South Florida is the Ancient Rome of America.

Excuse me but South Florida is really like the Ancient Rome of America.
If you are rich and flashy, you end up going there. It's literally the perfect place for it. Look at Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, Carl Icahn, Roger Stone, the Koch brothers, etc...
It's also this place for the most extravagant decadence, Miami metropolitan area is practically the Ancient Rome of America when it comes to entertainment and decadence. Not Vegas because South Florida has more of a concentration of wealth.
Why are there so many strip club billboards and advertisements?
What's with the overwhelming amount of sex workers in bars and lounges on Collins and Ocean Dr? And what about that giant guitar casino?
You also get way too many flexers down there. Hair, shoes, cologne, watch, sunglasses, etc... keep it fresh. Keeping it 'sexy'
You don't have this type of culture in many parts of America. Like people aren't as shady. Im generally not trying to come off as hateful or Anti-Florida. Not at all.
Im just pointing out certain flaws. South Florida has too much of this "Let's get fucked up" culture. Both the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor have it. The rich people in South Florida are more arrogant than rich people in other places. Like everybody has to look good and flex on Instagram. It's absurd.
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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
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Recruitology, Inc. Juvenile Probation OfficeGuardian Ad Litem Battle Mountain
St. Jude's Ranch For Children Warehouse/Delivery Driver Boulder City
Navy Naval Aviator Boulder City
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Boulder City
Pegasus Transportation Hiring CDL A Teams and Solo Drivers Willing to Be Matched Boulder City
Army National Guard Signal Support Systems Specialist Boulder City
Company Confidential Advertise on your car! Start collecting “rent” from your own mini billboard. Boulder City
Company Confidential Genius! Get paid to advertise on your car Boulder City
Company Confidential Advertise On Your Car, Earn Passive Income Boulder City
St. Jude's Ranch For Children Contract Rehabilitation Specialist Boulder City
Pegasus Transportation CDL A Team Drivers - Weekly and Bi-Weekly Home Time Options Boulder City
U. S. Customs and Border Protection U. S. Customs and Border Protection: Border Patrol Agent Boulder City
United Van Lines CDL-a Household Goods Mover Lease Purchase Truck Driver Jobs Boulder City
Wilson Logistics CDL A Company Driver Boulder City
Pegasus Transportation Pegasus Is Hiring CDL A Team Drivers - Recession-Proof, High Mileage Positions Boulder City
Spar Group Inc Retail Merchandiser Caliente
Army National Guard Truck Driver (88M) Carlin
The Home Depot Merchandising Carnelian Bay
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Carnelian Bay
Accountable Healthcare Staffing Registered Nurse Carson
Vitality Unlimited Registered Nurse Carson City
Carson Nugget Security Officer Carson City
Lincare Technician / Driver - DME Carson City
FedEx Cross Border Retail Customer Service Associate Carson City
Walmart Distribution Team Member - (Wed-Sat Overnights) Make up to $19 Carson City
US Anesthesia Partners Registered Nurse Carson City
Skill Demand IT Project Manager (IRP Implementation) Carson City
Wyndham Garden Carson City Max Casino Housekeeper Carson City
Mondelez International, Inc. Part-time Nabisco Retail MerchandiseStocker Carson City
Carson-Tahoe Regional Health Care Registered Nurse - ICU Carson City
Accessible Space Accessible Space: Personal Care Residential Assistant Carson City
Gentiva Health Services, Inc. Full Time Home Health Licensed Practical Nurse - $5,000 sign on bonus (65547) Carson City
Acosta, Inc. Retail Service Merchandiser Carson City
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company: Sales Representative - Insurance Sales Carson City
N/a Registered Nurse Carson City
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Following a week of gambling in Las Vegas, Marine Ron Parkhurst was found floating in remote cove of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip with a bullet in the back of his head. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days. His case is still unsolved.

Summary: In June of 1997, Marine Recruiter Ron Parkhurst walked out of his Huntington Beach, CA office and never came back. He packed up his black Ford Mustang, drove to Las Vegas where he spent a week gambling. He checked into a Motel 6 and over the course of a week he made small ATM withdrawls ranging from $60 to $200. He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand. By the end of the week his bank account had only $53.00.
At 4 AM June 18, Parkurst's Mustang was found abandoned on an access road near Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone, his wallet hound but with no license or ATM card. Three days later on June 2 around 10 am a women discovered Parkhurst's body floating in the water. He had been shot by a 45 caliber in the back of the skull.
Some other oddities about this case: Parkhurst was married to a woman named Rebecca whom his family never met. When asked, Ron claimed she was the maid. She claimed his veterans benefits after death, and even listed a son born 1993, although its unclear if Parkhurst is the father. He also allegedly purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. At the time of his death, he lived alone in an apartment in Irvine, California.
The case has remained unsolved for the past 22 years. A year ago Parkhurst's sister Diane Garrett has been in touch with LVPD's cold case unit and hopes for some leads.
What are your theories on Ron's death? Gambling debt gone wrong?
Ron Parkhurst:
Source: article. Pay walled so text below:
Cold case: Sister wants answers in 1997 murder of OC-based Marine by Keith Sharon
His nephews called him the strongest man in the world.
He had a “bright and shiny” bald head, his master sergeant said with a laugh. “You could see him from a mile away. He was quiet, well-mannered. He always stood up straight whether he was in military attire or civilian clothes.”
Ron Parkhurst was a Marine. “A really good Marine,” said Master Sgt. Rene Robles.
Parkhurst was so gung-ho he was made a recruiter, working out of the USMC substation in Huntington Beach. There is no explanation for why in 1997 he walked out of that office, after 13 exemplary years in the military, and never came back. He had a meeting scheduled with the family of a recruit, but he didn’t show.
One late spring afternoon, he ditched his responsibilities, hopped into his black, immaculate Ford Mustang, accompanied only by a vast collection of music on compact discs, and headed to Las Vegas. Inexplicably, he spent a week hitting the casinos. He was wearing cutoff jeans and a red and white T-shirt when he walked out of the MGM Grand on June 18, 1997, the last day of his life.
On June 21, 1997, Ron Parkhurst was found floating in the remote Saddle Island Cove in the waters of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days.
He had a .45-caliber bullet in the back of his head.
The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police concluded the death was a homicide. The LVMPD report classified the case as “murder WDW” (with a deadly weapon). But “due to the lack of logical investigative leads, this investigation is closed,” the NCIS said in its report from June 1997. The case will be reopened if either the Las Vegas police ask for assistance, or a suspect is identified.
In 22 years, no suspect has been identified, and the Las Vegas police have not asked for help. Although. there is a potential thread to the investigation that has not yet been fully pursued.
“I’ve always felt he was killed execution-style,” said Diane Garrett, Ron’s sister, and mother of the nephews who were impressed with their uncle. “His death was devastating. The family has never been the same afterward.”
Garrett has been in touch recently with the Las Vegas police, where a cold case detective is taking another look at the 22-year-old unsolved murder. Cold case investigator Terri Miller has spoken with Garrett, but did not return a call from the Southern California News Group.
“I was drop-jawed when I heard what happened,” Master Sgt. Robles said. “All of us Marines felt like one of our Marines was down.”
A Marine is still down.
Kept a distance
Parkhurst could run. He was on the cross country team at Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois.
“He was always this kid with an impish kind of personality,” said Garrett, his older sister. “If he got in trouble, he would smile. He never took things seriously. He was always joking.”
After high school, he needed some stability in his life so he picked the military, specifically the Marines. He worked as an aircraft mechanic.
He was stationed for a while in Tennessee where he met Rebecca Carolyn DeLoach, who had been twice divorced. On Valentine’s Day of 1992, Rebecca became his wife.
The strange thing about his marriage was that Parkhurst didn’t tell his family about it. Garrett said she called him once a week – on Sunday nights – and she would ask about Rebecca. Parkhurst never gave details.
“Who was the woman who answered the phone?” Garrett would ask. “He would say, ‘That was the maid.’”
Parkhurst and Rebecca moved to California, so they were far enough away to keep his family guessing. When she filled out military forms as his dependent after his death, Rebecca listed a child named Justin, born in 1993. Parkhurst’s family does not know if he was Justin’s father.
Robles said that by the time he met Parkhurst in 1995 or early 1996, he told everyone he was single. Rebecca was not invited by his family to his funeral.
Attempts to reach Rebecca for comment in this story were unsuccessful.
Piecing together details
In 1997, Parkhurst was living alone in an apartment on Thunder Road in Irvine.
Suddenly, in June, he dropped out of his life and went to Vegas. He checked into a Motel 6. He made several small ATM withdrawals, none more than $200, during the last week of his life, including a withdrawal of $60 on June 18, 1997. That final transaction left $53.85 in his checking account.
He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand.
At 4 a.m. on June 18, Parkhurst’s Mustang was found abandoned on an access road next to Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone. His wallet was found, but it had no driver’s license or ATM card inside. Garrett said she has been told by police that a witness saw another car speeding away from Parkhurst’s Mustang.
Three days later, on June 21, just before 10 a.m., a woman discovered Parkhurst’s body in the water. He had been shot in the occipital area of the skull. Police were able to get DNA samples from the car, but they proved to be inconclusive.
Police searched Parkhurst’s Irvine apartment five days after his body was discovered.
The report said Parkhurst may have purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. But there is no follow-up report about the investigation into that potential lead.
Robles, who was Parkhurst’s supervisor in Huntington Beach, flew to Las Vegas to identify his body. Parkhurst was buried in his dress blues, and Robles accompanied the casket to Parkhurst’s family home in Peoria, Illinois.
Everyone on the plane was asked to remain seated while Parkhurst’s casket was taken off the plane.
“Everyone was staring out the windows of the plane,” Robles said. “His parents were very hurt. They were in shock. Disbelief.”
Parkhurst was given an honor guard funeral with a flag-folding ceremony.
A $5,000 reward was established for information leading to an arrest. No one ever claimed the reward.
Leonard and Nancy Parkhurst, Ron’s parents, both died in the 22 years since his murder. Garrett said her parents wouldn’t talk about his death to her or at family gatherings.
“It was never spoken of,” she said.
A year ago, she was going through her parents’ belongings when she found the extensive Judge Advocate General report on her brother’s death.
She started contacting people mentioned in the report.
She has considered advertising on a billboard in Orange County.
“This is something I’ve had rolling around in my brain – a billboard,” Garrett said. “It would say, ‘Do you know what happened to this person?’”
She said the Las Vegas police are taking a new look at the case, and the cold case investigator has asked permission to begin interviewing people such as Rebecca Parkhurst and a “person of interest.”
So far, Garrett doesn’t know if the new investigation has been launched.
“Somebody has to know something,” Garrett said. “I want to know what happened.”
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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in MS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
R. E. Garrison CDL-A Driving Jobs - Dedicated Lanes Abbeville
Milan Supply Chain Solutions Class A CDL Company Truck Drivers Aberdeen
R. E. Garrison CDL-A Driving Jobs - Dedicated Lanes Aberdeen
R. E. Garrison CDL-A Driving Jobs - Dedicated Lanes Ackerman
Cylcon Jobs - FedEx Ground PH US Fedex Ground Ph Us Warehouse Evenings Acklena
Cylcon Jobs Fedex Ground Ph Us Warehouse Evenings Acklena
Tri-National Inc CDL-A OTR Driving Jobs - $6K Sign-On Bonus - Avg. $75k/Year Alligator
Diversicare Certified Nursing Assistant - CNA/STNA Amory
Lawrence Merchandising Part-Time Retail Merchandiser Amory
Variant CDL-A Experienced OTR Truck Drivers Amory
MVL MVL: Cdl-A Company Driver Truck Driver - Home Weekly Amory
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture: Entry Level Manufacturing - Ripley Baldwyn
Ashley Furniture Entry Level Manufacturing - Ripley Baldwyn
Boyd Bros Transportation CDL-A Experienced Flatbed Truck Driver Batesville
N/a Inventory Associate - 0434 Batesville
Tower Loan Customer Service Representative Batesville
Taco Bell Team Member Batesville
Capstone Logistics Warehouse Clerk Batesville
Ochsner Health Ochsner Health: Primary Care Physician - Bay St. Bay Saint Louis
CalArk CalArk: Cdl-A Solo Company Truck Driver Jobs Bay Saint Louis
Footprint Retail Services Retail Merchandiser footprint Retail Services Bay Springs
Ochsner Health Primary Care Physician - Bay St. Bay-Saint-Louis
Ochsner Health System Medical Assistant (MA) - Orthopedics Clinic - Bay St. Louis - Full Time Bay-Saint-Louis
US LBM Holdings Class A or B CDL Driver with Moffett Bay-Saint-Louis
Ochsner Health System Registered Nurse (RN) Medical Surgical - Telemetry - Shifts Varied Bay-Saint-Louis
Penn National Gaming Security Officer - Full Time Bay-Saint-Louis
Burger King Burger King Bay-Saint-Louis
Ochsner Health System Medical Assistant - Podiatry/Wound Care Clinic - Bay St. Louis -PRN Bay-Saint-Louis
Host Healthcare RN Operating Room job in Bay St. Louis, MS Bay-Saint-Louis
SCP Health Emergency Medicine Physician Bay-Saint-Louis
FedEx Cross Border Package Handler- Warehouse Belden
Waste Management CDL Truck Driver - Residential Belden
Tempur-Pedic 3rd Shift Saw Machine Operator Belmont
Tri-National Inc CDL-A OTR Driving Jobs - $6K Sign-On Bonus - Avg. $75k/Year Benoit
Tri-National Inc CDL-A OTR Driving Jobs - $6K Sign-On Bonus - Avg. $75k/Year Beulah
Curo Health Services Registered Nurse Biloxi
Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos Dishwasher Biloxi
Community Health System Phlebotomist, Full Time Biloxi
Company Confidential Advertise on your car! Start collecting “rent” from your own mini billboard. Biloxi
CalArk CalArk: Cdl-A Solo Company Truck Driver Jobs Biloxi
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ms. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Last night Kobe Bryant visited my hometown of Melbourne, Australia for a one off, live interview event. I attended and here are some insights he gave:

EDIT 2: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
EDIT 3: And Platinum + Silver... appreciate it!
EDIT 4: shit I forgot some absolute gems which I’ll post at the top here for those who have already read it.
Image for proof:
The event was held the Palladium in Crown Casino. Kobe, unlike many other celebrities at various events, arrived at his scheduled time on the dot (what else would you expect from this man?). The interview touched on his childhood and all the way through to his current goals and future aspirations. Of course, a chunk of the interview focused on his insane career.
Maybe he has said some of these things before, so forgive me if these aren’t “new”. My memory isn’t fantastic, but here are some of the noteworthy things I do remember:
If I think of more I’ll add it on. All in all it was a really fun hour or so. Kobe was very insightful and nice to listen to. He’s clearly a smart guy and really well spoken. I feel very fortunate to have heard him speak live after being a huge fan throughout my teenage years and early adulthood.
EDIT: I thought of some other things while massaging my client’s calf (I’m a physiotherapist and my mind wonders while doing boring tasks):
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Are these REITS a buy right now?

I’ve been trying to find some good long term dividend stocks that were hit yard by corona. So I compiled this list of hard hit REITs spread across several industries. But seeing as I’m still a relative newbie to investing I know better than to trust myself. So I was wondering what you all thing about these REIT stocks.
Hannon Armstrong sustainable Infrastructure ( has solar pannels and wind turbines)
Lamar advertising (operates large ampunts of billboard space and other places for advertising)
Welltowers (owns a lot of retirement homes)
Simon property group (owns a lot of high end malls)
VICI properties (owns casino spaces)
Host hotels and resorts (very large and stable company that will most likely do good in the long term)
Hospitality properties trust (owns a lot of hotels but also travel centres near highways that will do good even in a recession, also has a surprisingly low PE ratio compared to other hotel REITs)
Apple Hospitality (owns spaces for a lot of midrange hotels that will do better during a recession than high end hotels).
Weyerhauser (owns a lit of timberland)
Gladstone land (owns a lot of farmland)
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StyLiS subsidiaries (lore)

Yes, this is a lore related post. I dug up all I could find and checked out what companies are presumably owned by StyLiS in the lore.
Royota - You may remember on the old Desert Storm, there were Royota trucks. Presumably, StyLiS funded the Ghosts or Phantoms with the trucks like the French in the Chad-Libya war.
Carl Zeiss AG (ZEISS) - There is StyLiS branding on the Z-Point, manufactured by ZEISS.
EOTech - EOTech sights have StyLiS branding.
Steyr - StyLiS branding on the Scout.
Apple - Ballistics Tracker made by StyLiS, but the camera on the Ballistics Tracker is from iOS, so presumably StyLiS owns Apple, because Apple has a reputation for not licensing out their software and OS.
Chrysler (Defense) (presumed) - StyLiS also presumably owns Chrysler Defense as the tanks on Desert Storm are clearly M1A1 Abrams. It's likely that a company such as Chrysler would never sell tanks to mercenaries, especially to mercenaries engaged in a war, so the puppetmaster StyLiS likely acquired Chrysler to sell the Abrams to the Ghosts or Phantoms.
Colt's Manufacturing LLC - StyLiS branding is on the M9 and the M93R.
Heckler and Koch - StyLis branding is on the SL-8.
Case manufacturers (presumed) - StyLiS are the people selling the mercenaries (players) cases. Likely that the cases are marketed to the general public as simple paint or customisation cases.
Serbu (presumed) - SFG 50 doesn't exist in real life, so StyLiS likely manufactured it and designed it. Also likelier as Serbu mostly only sells to civilians and police, not mercenaries, so some significant sway would be needed to get them to sell to mercenaries.
Large gas conglomerate - Drilling company on rig is likely owned by StyLiS. Gas stations on Crane Site and Dunes are probably connected. Random drilling rigs around Desert Storm is probably also connected. Of course, Refinery is probably tied.
Housing developments in Suburbia - Nuff said. StyLiS likely would have property assets as they are a large conglomerate.
StyLiS Industries - Branding on the crane of Mall and also was on the old crane at Crane Site.
StyLiS Trading / STL - Branding on shipping containers of Ravod and Mall.
Game development companies like Mad Studio and ironically, themselves - The Mad Murderer, Phantom Forces, Last Strike, COR 5 and Apoc Rising are all arcade games found on Metro.
Advertisement companies - We find a lot, of billboards and signs around multiple maps and usually, these promote the above products and companies.
StyLiS Insurance - On the billboards in Metro.
Movie production companies - Billboards advertising movies such as "Camp, the story of perseverance." can be found. StyLiS also happens to own the cinema in Mall. You might also remember the old posters in the old loading screen of PF.
D'arcy VIP Suite and the B.B Casino (presumed) - Property investment.
Infrastructure like water towers (presumed) - Have you noticed the amount of water towers in these maps?
StyLiS also likely purchases relic weapons such as the Thompson, PPSH, MP1911, 1858 Carbine and New Army revolver, Mosin Nagant, MP40, possibly the AK47 (as they are vintage weapons), L2A3 and M3A1 Grease Gun.
I probably missed something.
Edit: Bepis owned by StyLiS (Thanks to u/SpichiY)
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FunFair Q2 AMA - Summary from #liveteamchat discord channel

AMA held Friday, April 3rd, 2020
Summary by @dwr (all transcription errors etc. are my own)
(Each answer is prefaced with the name of the FunFair staff member that provided the answer)
Q: What funding methods will the fiat to crypto mechanism support? Bank transfer? Debit card? Credit card?
A: (Lloyd) Funding will be through debit and credit cards only to start with, bank transfer will follow but only in some markets not all.
Q: Will fiat to crypto be available in all FF legal jurisdictions?
A: (Lloyd) Yes outside of some, the main one being China (where there’s no fiat on ramp to crypto).
Q: When the need for separate ETH is removed will players need to pay the equivalent in FUN when opening a session?
A: (Lloyd) No, the house will cover the cost of opening sessions.
Q: What happens if the transaction takes too long - will there be a way of speeding it up as there is now?
A: (Lloyd) No, the server is in control of this. We have quite a lot of experience with making sure our servers can get their transactions mined in a timely manner, including automatically increasing gas price, so I’m not expecting this to be an issue.
Q: Any word on developing a pachinko type of game?
A: (Geoff) We've had a play around with some ideas, but no definite plan yet. It's a hard game to get right.
Q: What is the update on Craps, is it still nearing completion and planned to be released by end Q2 at latest?
A: (Geoff) We've been focusing on other games, so Craps hasn't had a lot of love recently. It's not on the immediate roadmap at the moment, but as ever it's on the list of games we would like to get back to.
Q: Has there been any contact with Binance to ensure they know the dev is still active of this token? I asked in general for someone to update their info page - it hasn't happened yet. Might be good to get them to list the Q2 update for example.
A: (Lloyd) Yes, we have a telegram group with them and converse fairly regularly, we have sent the update through, but they are launching a new way of updating called Binance Info, which we will have full control of and be able to update regularly.
Q: Is there any member of staff in charge of updates etc? If so it would be nice if say Monday 9am when they go into work they had 15 mins to do certain things - update . Make sure Binance Info was up to date. Ensure twitteTelegram/Discord is all same info in conjunction.
A: (Lloyd) We’ve had a few members of staff responsible for those things in the past. As mentioned, Matt C is helping out more in B2C in line with priorities around adoption. To cover that we have taken more of JJ’s time to help out on community and B2B marketing. Between JJ and I, we will make sure all is up to date.
Q: What is the update on auto-updating leaderboards for comps, how come it seems to be getting dragged out?
A: (Lloyd) We’re not dragging it out - more that we have other priorities at the moment.
Q: Has there been any progress on the research into a secure means of handling progressive jackpots?
A: (Oliver) Not really, this is a tough one to crack in a trustless way. We are constantly looking around at innovations in the blockchain space that might help us here, as well as continuing our own research.
Q: When [will there be] a slot with 20000x win potential? Attract big gamblers. I find most streamers only play these kinds of slots.
A: (Geoff) At the moment, that kind of win is very difficult with the current set-up due to the way the bankroll per game works. We're looking into ways we could do this, but nothing to announce here. That said, while streamers do flock to high volatility, high win games, there are plenty of amazing, successful slots that don't have such eye-watering prizes (that you'll never see), and I think our games compare very favorably to most of them.
Q: What initiatives have been taken by Kazuma to dominate and take over the Japan casino market?
A: (Tom) The marketing team at CasinoFair will be supporting the launch of CasinoFair JP with Kazuma. Due to a highly regulated market, initially it will be led by social and affiliates. Twitter is the most used social advertising platform in Japan with over 70% of college students on the platform, and over 50% of the workforce. Our affiliate team already has a few affiliates on board and drove their first player through yesterday. We are in contact with all the top affiliates (and have been in the months prior) to ensure we are executing on channels we know have delivered in the past for CF. We will be building on from here in the coming months and really pushing the social element
Q: Would we be seeing any more Asian style/Homegrown games which would be more appealing to that market rather than western themed games and if so, would they be designed and built in-house or would they be created by an Asian Game/Casino creator?
A: (Geoff) I think any game we built towards a specific market would need to take advice from an expert in that market. With that in mind, though, [there is] no reason our internal team couldn't handle such a game.
Q: Will the fiat to crypto also include crypto to fiat? and will it be in Q2?
A: (Lloyd) Not at this time - our provider is looking into that now, it will only be through bank transfer when it happens, and will be market-specific.
Q: Why are we not trying 5 different types of promos at the same time to see which one works?
A: (Tom) The immediate answer is Moon Racer 7 will be changing to include a cumulative jackpot prize and a few other adjustments which have been requested in the community. Look out for this very shortly. However, a much larger piece of work on promotions to encourage new users and manage VIP racers has been investigated. These however require technical changes to automate as they can’t scale manually. We are quite excited to test some quite different metrics once these are delivered by dev in Q2.
Q: Will the removal of the need for separate ETH for gas come in Q2?
A: (Oliver) Yup!
Q: Any news about the Isle of Man license?
A: (Lloyd) We’re still working on bus dev with the IOM operators - however we are working towards the B2C licensing conditions on the platform - you will have seen this from recent responsible gaming releases.
Q: Will you be able to withdraw from CF to your bank afterwards?
A: (Lloyd) Not yet
Q: What steps are FunFair taking to ensure enforcement of responsible gaming laws?
A: (Lloyd) B2C operations does everything they should be doing in line with licensing conditions
Q: Would FF spend money on Instagram or YouTube stars to promote the casinos?
A: (Tom) Unfortunately Facebook and Google are very specific about who they will work with. Their gaming policies and Crypto policies make it very hard to advertise on their platforms. Even twitch won't allow us to run pre-roll in Canada. This has meant I have had to change tack in a few markets, and we are looking at the slower build around our own streamer and the strategy is to be finalized by EOM to then deliver. This unfortunately won't have an immediate impact as its going to be a slow build for our own channel. But we did a bit of analysis and believe our core market is more likely found there than on YouTube by comparison.
Q: Will there be purchasing limits for converting fiat into crypto?
A: (Lloyd) These are set by the payment processing partner
Q: Do you have a target for the quantity of games you would like to achieve by the end of 2020? Or is it a case of developing according to demand etc.?
A: (Geoff) Well, 2019 was the year of filling up the portfolio. 2020 will probably see fewer, but bigger games. I don't have a number I can give, but we think you guys will like the results.
Q: What about some advertising on Binance?
A: (Lloyd) If you can get us a deal we'll happily do that :wink:
Q: Would FunFair play any part in defining fiat to crypto limits? Sounds like the payment processing partner is very experienced in Casino related affairs, am I right?
A: (Lloyd) They know what they are doing, and their limits are set by them in line with the card issuers.
Q: Have you considered allocating some cash to a significant one-time marketing promotion with billboards or, better, television commercials in ANY of the countries you operate in so as to potentially get some awareness of the product? If so, what’s the thought of whether it will be done?
A: (Tom) When I was working with Experian and providing targeting data for television, i.e. target households that have 4 children, high income etc. etc. It became quickly apparent TV doesn't like to do this. They don’t want to be clever, they want mass market. So, they want to show your advert to as many people as possible. However, CasinoFair are very much in a world we need to have people that are crypto aware which isn't national TV. Furthermore, the average cost is $342,000 per 30 second national TV advert. - Whereas I can target users online at a cost of about $6 per 1000 users on coinmarket cap. Which is much more likely to be our target market and will be able to understand how crypto works. And to put this is apples for apples comparison, I can serve an advert to every person in the entire country of Canada for almost half the price of one 30 second TV ad spot. So yes, thought about it, and decided we can get better access to our target market in other mediums.
Q: Oliver - what big project are you working on at the moment?
A: (Oliver) Death to Gas
Q: What is Jeremy up to?
A: (Oliver) Jeremy spends most of his time down a big dark R&D hole, trying to solve some of the problems that have been mentioned in other questions.
Q: Will joejoe adams be on the FunFair staff page now?
A: (JoeJoe Adams) :soon: ™️
Q: Does Jez still remain active at FunFair?
A: (Oliver) Yeah, he's around a lot. We might even summon him if we're lucky.
Q: Can you give more details on marketing?
A: (Tom) You can get a lot of insight from the Q2 updates which I suggest you read through though to see what marketing has been up to and our focus.
However, to give you some insight. I joined in January where I can see that a lot of advertising was executed across many sites, particularly around OctobeNovember. Traffic was increased 10-fold. However, none of the traffic converted to long term players.
There are a few reasons for this, retention marketing, funnel friction, educational onboarding, USP identification, and site personalization just to name a few.
I could repeat the process and purchase more traffic and throw loads of advertising, but I fear a similar result may occur. As such, lots of work have been invested in all those aspects above in Q1.
Per my Q2 update we are now ready to retest traffic in our Tier 1 markets to see how users react to the improved user experience, retention marketing etc.
Also in Q2 we are going to be working with our marketing partner to provide personalization and a unique site for every user on site depending on the last game played, if they are new users or if they are VIPs. All features we currently can't do.
Q: Is the UK Government giving any help to FunFair during these hard times?
A: (Oliver) We're in a fortunate position, we're well used to remote working so the current situation isn't causing us any particular problems.
Q: Did anyone reply to my suggestion about purchasable FUN (Scratchable Voucher Cards) an hour ago?
A: (Lloyd) Like a prepaid crypto card? We've not looked into that yet, the fiat to crypto on ramp is step 1
Q: With Japan now localized, could you say if FunFair would be strictly serving Japan or would any surrounding areas be able to participate and if so could you name the neighbors?
A: (Lloyd) We've localized into Japanese, we do not block most Asian markets, including Japan’s neighbors although have not decided to localize for any of them
Q: Refresh me, to be localized in Japan it would have needed a license from the regulators, could you state the name of the regulator if possible?
A: (Lloyd) Online casinos are not regulated in japan, in fact they have only just approved land-based casinos to be built in the country - planned for first one to launch in 2024 or so
Q: But are you talking to anyone on that front in regard to online casinos? In case laws change.
A: (Lloyd) Not yet
[AMA ending…]
(Lloyd) Thanks guys!
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Are you tired of going on to the same old servers as other have. RPStories is taking Roleplay to a whole new level. Guaranteed
Here at RPStories we are about the roleplayers and the community. Our community consist of scripts designed for the Best Roleplay and the best roleplay experience.
Professionals Strict and Serious Police Roleplay that will make you sit on the edge of your seat wondering whats gonna happen next. Any RP is welcome (Long as it brings RP) Things you will see in the menu based that makes us different from other communities
SASP, EMS and a DOJ (COMING SOON) Custom Cars (Community choice) Custom EUP outfits for Civilians and Police (COMIG SOON) Custom Housing, Bars, Government Buildings, Custom Map Custom Scripts designed for RP Weather Sync and Climate Control
Mafia, Gangs, drugs, cartel, All jobs are Civilian friendly Jobs that are whitelisted and Non Whitelisted Jobs
Police - Whitelisted EMS - Whitelisted Mafia - Whitelisted Drug Dealer
Black Market Pawn Shop
Go Postal
Pizza Job
Delivery Job
We are looking for community members and admin and staff, Lawyers and Judges for our city. Contact the owner TheVapingGamer#9106 to become a admin or moderator of the community. We are dedicated to bringing the Realistic Roleplay back to the Public for anyone to enjoy
Have a ease of mind joining our city as our MODS and ADMINS are here to keep the city safe from VDM and RDM and breaking any rules.
Unlike other Roleplay Communities we train each and every Trooper that wants to patrol our city.
Our community is a very small community and we are looking to build and become a Large Community. Why step in another city with all the drama and are limited to what you can do in a community. Here at RPStories if you can make exciting and evolving rp then this is the community for you.
Have a business Idea.
Well you came to the right community. Our dev team works around the clock making special businesses for the community
Our Dev team does our own POLICE LIVERIES and EMS LIVERIES and we do billboards and advertisement for your business in our city.
Like our community be sure to come check us out as we do Daily Patrols in our city. We love to see you in our beautiful custom city Join our Discord contact TheVapingGamer#9106 or TheVapingGuy on Reddit.
Civilian things to do Carry = Can carry a person on ur shoulders Cars - Custom LORE FRIENDLY cars being added Vaping - Any civilian can vape illegal and legal drugs Houses - Buy your own personal house customized to your liking and a private garage Casino = Play BlackJack Roulette (COMING SOON) and alot more to come
Any Questions or any suggestions on New things for the community contact our Owner TheVapingGamer#9106. He can assist you on any concerns you may have hope to see you in our city
server ip
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Online Gambling: Is it Legal?

The legality of online gambling is ever-changing. But one thing is constant: it makes a lot of money. In 1997, online gambling revenues were about $200 million a year. Today, the online gambling industry makes an estimated one billion dollars annually. This is a huge business, and a lot of people have cashed in on it. But it has led to some ambiguous legal issues, as the legality of online gambling is constantly being challenged. There are differences in the legality of making bets, taking bets, facilitating payments to casinos, and advertising on websites. And there are constantly new legal challenges. So here is a breakdown of the law on online gambling.
Definitely Legal
As there is no federal law against playing online, simply placing wagers online is legal. (However, a wager must NOT be placed on a site located in the United States. More on that later.) There is a small chance players might run afoul of state law, but there is little chance of prosecution. The only case cited where a person got into trouble with a state was in 2003. Jeffrey Trauman of North Dakota paid a $500 fine on over $100,000 of online sports bet winnings.
Sites that are set up outside of the United States are legal. Therefore, gambling on websites located in areas like Australia, the Caribbean, and Latin America is legal. Just be very clear that the site you are playing on is not based on U.S. soil.
Definitely Not Legal
It is never legal to gamble on a website based in the United States. Also, if you are planning to operate an online gambling site, stay outside of the United States. You must also deal only with casino and poker wagers (not sports bets) from people in the US. And you cannot take bets over the phone from people in the United States.
Accepting online gambling advertising is also illegal. If you are a small publisher, you are less likely to be prosecuted, but why risk it? As of early 2009, only large and mid-size publishers had faced prosecution. In 2007, the three big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft) each paid a fine for accepting online gambling ads, but did not face criminal charges. Other publishers, such as Esquire Magazine, have been warned by the government not to take online gambling advertising.
Facilitating the transfer of funds to online casinos is also a bad idea. As of 2006, it became illegal for American banks to process transactions originating from or directed toward any online gambling operator. Because of this, several sites then refused to take bets from American players. But as the law seems difficult to enforce, it has not turned the tide completely for American players.
Still Up In the Air
Advertisers who promote sports books in magazines and on billboards may or may not face prosecution. So far, sports books have never been scrutinized for advertising online. And online casinos, poker rooms, and sports books have never been prosecuted for buying ads.
So what is the bottom line?
Online casinos and operators still accept American players. And international financial parties have continued to process their transactions. The legality is always changing and there have been attempts to declare online wagering against the law, but for now, US citizens who simply place bets online are in the clear.
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Avi Schwartzman unlock in GTA online

Anyone doing the new diamond casino heist may come across a little black box with beeping lights. These are securoserv transmitters that when 50 are destroyed, you can unlock Avi Schwartzman for your heist crew. I've found a few so far and was wondering if any of y'all have found some that I haven't listed.
Any contributions are appreciated and all transmitters that I find while playing will be added to the list
simianfreud's contributions
Thanks for the early guide. Found a few more and took screenshots:
I recommend you fly a Buzzard for it's weaponry and maneuverability over the OP bike Mk2
All of these transmitters have been found by looking around on a quick passover of the areas of the city, I am bound to miss some due to my method.
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Must be some interest in larger advertising downtown.

Several Toledo council members are concerned that a proposal to allow large poster panels on the walls and roofs of downtown buildings could pave the way for massive, unattractive advertisements in the city’s business and entertainment districts.
Council President Matt Cherry last week proposed an ordinance that would amend Toledo Municipal Code to allow for a limited number of panels, “in order to cover such unsightly walls and create a vibrant, colorful look to the downtown business and entertainment district.”
According to the ordinance, the panels would cover no less than 80 percent of the total area of the wall and could be electronic or vinyl or another high-resolution material. They could be changed up to six times within any 12-month period.
The property owner would have to obtain a permit from the sign inspector before putting up the display, and only five could be displayed simultaneously within the downtown overlay district.
Jay Skebba El Tipico co-founder named a Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Sandy Spang said the proposal would mean “a profound change” to downtown if it passed. She said the downtown overlay district was created to protect historic buildings and has never allowed for off-premise signs.
“This did not allow for the proliferation of billboards, that sort of thing,” she said. “The signage that’s being proposed has to cover a minimum of 80 percent of the wall face of a building, and it allows for some new, emerging technologies that are being created that could essentially create an entire wall of a building that’s basically a television screen.”
Ms. Spang also pointed out the city cannot regulate the content of the signs, and the ordinance spells out that the “color, graphic design, words, message, or any other element of the content of a display” is not subject to approval by city officials.
“It doesn’t even have to be for an establishment or a product that’s even in the city of Toledo,” Ms. Spang said. “It could advertise a casino in Detroit. It could be a 40-foot-tall bottle of beer.”
Councilman Rob Ludeman agreed and said he believes the move would send “all the wrong signals” about how city leaders view historic redevelopment.
Ms. Spang also expressed concerns that the ordinance could backfire and contribute to blight rather than alleviating it.
“If you make enough money off your building by selling the signage on your building, you may not develop your building,” she said.
The Blade Toledo's leaf pickup program starts next month Mr. Cherry, who introduced the legislation, could not be reached for comment on Monday.
Yvonne Harper, who represents District 4, which includes downtown, said she isn’t outright opposed to the proposed rules, but she wants to study the issue.
“I don’t want to tell people what to do, but I think we need to be cautious,” she said. “I think that we need to look into it a little more. We need to take some time and do a study, not rush into it.”
Councilman Gary Johnson expressed concern about the city possibly over-regulating downtown businesses.
“Are we going to tell ProMedica that they have to take their big Jumbotron screen down? Are we going to regulate things to a point where we’re telling people what they can and cannot put on their buildings?” he said.
Marc Folk, director of the Arts Commission, said city leaders already are working on revising the city’s sign code to distinguish between signs and murals. He said he would welcome a chance to be part of a discussion about how relaxing sign rules could fight blight.
“I don’t know of successful examples where billboards have lead to urban beautification,” he said. “If this is a conversation about beautification of the downtown, we would love to have a seat at the table.”
Toledo City Council will discuss the proposal at its 4 p.m. meeting on Tuesday.
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Poster ads seen on TTC across from each other

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9 Levels of Hell - Part 15

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Everything in this level, Clint quickly realized, was ruled by money and desire. He couldn’t even quench his thirst at a public drinking fountain without the fountain’s cheery A.I. asking him to insert two coins. Clint jammed his hands in his empty pockets and kept walking, mouth tacky with fear. True, he did not need water to stay alive, but something in his belly sure as hell would make it easier to focus right about now. His thoughts wadded up and stuck together like half-chewed gum.
Malina was gone. That fact chased itself in maddening circles around his mind. When he let himself think about it too hard the panic nearly made him too dizzy to walk straight. But Malina needed him to be calm, so he took deep breaths and thought through his options.
There was the brochure, of course. He could go wash dishes all night long and hope he got anywhere close to it. The guard had said Malina would be trapped for five hundred hours: nearly twenty-one days, if time was even reinstated as a concept in this level. They couldn’t idle around the second circle that long, hoping that no one else would figure out the riddle.
And where was Virgil?
Too many worries, too many questions. Clint walked and walked until he found a directory of the city center, and then he stood gaping in front of it. Every block had dozens of tic marks corresponding to some shop or strange attraction: there were countless retail stores of companies he’d never heard of, arcades, cinemas, bookstores, coffee shops, speed dating centers, gyms, everything he could imagine was sprawled out on the map before him.
At the corner of the map, a message in tiny font reminded him: WHEN YOU UPGRADE TO THE CLOUD PHONE XII, YOU CAN TELEPORT TO AND FROM LOCATIONS FOR FREE! ON SALE FOR ONLY 4000 COINS Even smaller fonts below that listed the caveats and costs for older model phones.
Clint pawed around in the cracked plastic shell that had once held paper maps, but it looked like it had been empty for years. He kicked at the pavement and felt oddly like Malina for a moment. But then his frustration cleared, and he began trying process this meaningfully.
This, too, was just another game. And once he figured out how the system of it worked, he could scrounge up some money, get Malina free, get them the hell out of there.
Clint decided his best option was to just walk in and out of shops until he found someplace that would let him work for something, anything. But the first store he walked into, the shopkeeper looked at him with horror written all over his face. “Oh, no, honey,” he told Clint. “I’m sorry, but you’ll scare people away.”
He tried not to feel weirdly hurt at that. Clint wandered back out onto the street. He tore off his bulletproof vest and left it on the road. He wore only his jeans and the black sweater, dark enough that no one could see the dry blood saturating it. But when he caught his reflection in the store window, he saw why the shopkeeper had reacted that way. Why Malina had been trying to wash herself up in a public fountain of all places. He was gore-spattered, his face streaked with dirt and thick rivers of sweat.
A familiar voice piped up from beside him, “Jeez, you do look like shit.”
That made Clint whirl around. He saw Virgil smirk up at him. The boy had different clothes, somehow. His jacket was bright purple leather, his jeans black and tight to his legs. His boots were spiked on the toes, and it seemed as if he had tried to style his hair in a pompadour.
“What do you think?” the spirit asked, turning so Clint could survey him. “Do I fit in?”
“Yeah. You look great.” Clint grimaced at his reflection again. “How did you even get all that stuff?”
“I went shopping! I love visiting this level. They always have the coolest stuff.”
Clint tried to keep the greed out of his eyes. “You have money?”
“Nah. I made some. Like this.” Virgil grabbed a green-colored shake out of midair and began sucking on the straw.
“Can you just… do whatever you want?”
“Sort of, and also not really.” Virgil wavered a hand. “I have certain administrative privileges. We’ll put it that way. Where’s your buddy?”
Clint shook his head in disbelief. “She got arrested because she climbed in a water fountain.”
Virgil giggled and chewed on his straw. “I know. I just wanted to hear you say it out loud.”
“It would be helpful if you warned us of this kind of stuff, you know.”
“It’s better if I don’t. More exciting for both of us.” The boy’s grin was just as fierce, but he didn’t seem particularly keen to disobey the laws of physics in front of so many witnesses. He kept leaping up off the ground an inch or two and then thinking better of himself and floating back down, restlessly.
“Does that mean you could make some coins appear for me too? Please?”
“Hah. No.” The boy tossed his half-finished drink into a nearby trashcan. “I told you. I can’t help you cheat.”
“But if I asked for a hint…”
“I could be obliged to find you an answer.”
Clint looked around at all the passersby, who skirted by like he was a bump on the wall. Not even really a person. Every once in a while, one of them would tap something on their phone and evaporate into the very air. He supposed that was the teleporation the strange ad had bragged about.
He said, “If I can’t get any money, how am I supposed to clean myself up enough to get a job to get money?”
“The cycle of poverty,” Virgil agreed, solemnly. “I guess you’ll have to do what most people who don’t have money do when they still want shit.”
Clint stared at him in confusion until Virgil lifted his eyebrows, meaningfully. Then it clicked for him.
“Oh.” Clint paused, processing that. Half-cursing himself for not thinking of it first. “You mean steal.” He supposed in a made-up world, ethics did not matter. There were no felony convictions in hell, after all.
“I was beginning to worry you were the dumb one after all.” The boy crammed his hands in his jacket pockets and surveyed the street with a lazy smile. “All you need to win this game is the ability to figure shit out. Get yourself unstuck.” He patted Clint’s elbow like Clint was the child here. “I have faith you can do it. Now, I’m going to go play some arcade games until my eyes melt out of my head.”
“I thought you were going to help me,” Clint called after him, frustration sharpening his voice.
Virgil turned around to laugh at Clint as he walked backwards. “I just did!”
“Right,” Clint muttered. He turned and stomped off in the opposite direction. Then paused, remembered what the officer had said. He whirled around, and the boy was gone. Clint jogged to the end of the block: no sign of Virgil anywhere. “What the fuck is a View-Room?” he asked the empty air.
Clint knew this much about this world: there was a store or kiosk for every use Clint could imagine. The city was so huge that he walked in circles for hours without even realizing it. Here, night did come, but it was an abbreviated thing and eternally discolored by the glow of billboards and advertisements. Casinos, shops, theme parks, galleries, resorts that would simulate the experience of being a farmer or sorcerer or king. There seemed to be no limit to the size and scope of the city.
He walked through the night and most of a second day, lost in a sea of niche-game nooks. Then Clint paused to stare at his map. His belly dropped sickeningly.
He’d filled barely a wedge of the map. It seemed that the second level was a dense labyrinth, so deep that if he tried to map the whole thing he would be lost inside of it forever.
Clint sat on the edge of a water fountain. It was not the same fountain that Malina had been arrested in, but it reminded him enough of her. He wondered what Malina was doing. Where that van had sped her off to. His belly ached with worry.
He turned around and cupped water from the fountain to clean off his face. He dried himself off with the bottom of his shirt. It made his skin feel a little less caked, made him feel just a little cleaner. More human.
A man passed by. He wore workout clothes covered in gold-threaded baroque patterns. Clint stood up and waved a hand in front of his face to get his attention. The man barely glanced up from his phone, where he was playing some pattern matching game. Clint asked him, “Could you tell me where to find the View-Room?”
The man did not even look up when he scoffed at Clint. “Man, fuckin’ google that shit,” he said, and he kept on walking.
Clint reached out and snatched the man’s phone out of his hand, just to get him to break eye contact with the fucking thing. Then he stared at it in his hand for a moment. Realized how much money it could be worth. Virgil’s arrogant smirk sprang to his mind.
As the man roared at him, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Clint turned the phone off and took off running.
The other man either didn’t care enough to run after him or he was so slow despite the gaudy sweatpants that Clint quickly shook him. He sprinted down this side street and that, diving behind dumpsters and pallets when he heard the occasional scream of a police siren.
But no one came to find him. When he paused to clutch his knees and wheeze for breath, he looked around to find himself in an older part of town. The stalls here were slumping, their signs faded or unmarked altogether. Shop owners watched him through grimy windows, their eyes dark with mistrust.
Clint stopped in the middle of the road to turn the phone back on. It immediately began blaring at him, “Anti-theft mode initiated. Transmitting GPS…
“Fucking fuck fuck,” Clint muttered, turning the phone off quickly again.
From over his shoulder, someone said, “I could help you disable that, you know.” Clint turned to see a man standing there with a dense blond beard, his face twisted in a razor-tooth smile. “For a fee.”
“I don’t have any money,” Clint told him.
“Step into my office.” He pulled back the raggedy curtain to his stall. His was not even a building, just a cubby in a wall, shrouded in shadows. “We’ll make a deal.”
Despite the cries of anxiety at the back of his mind, Clint followed the man inside.
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Tips to maximize your billboards exposure

How to maximize your billboard’s exposure

It is very difficult for people to ignore your billboard ad. It’s right there – it gets registered whether you want it or not. That’s why billboards and hoardings are still considered one of the most powerful means of advertising and reaching out to the masses. The large size and the placement of these billboards are meant to boost the exposure for your brand. Depending on your marketing strategies, select the billboard location and placement such that it works best for your business and the people you are trying to target to.
Here are a few pointers to select the right billboard so that your ad gets maximum exposure.
Billboard on the right is better than left
When it comes to billboards, a right hand read is always better than the left. Try to buy a billboard on the right side of the road. These types of billboards are closer to the viewer and so much more easier to read. The left hand reads are across several lanes of oncoming traffic and completely lowers the visibility.
The lower the better
Most commonly, billboards are around 20 feet above the ground. The further away from the ground you are, the fewer views your billboard receives. It harder to read the message on a 100 ft. billboard.
Look for long read
This gives your billboard a 6 to 8 seconds of uninterrupted view. Especially if placed on a curve, a billboard will get maximum views as it faces straight down the road at an approaching driver.
Consider the lighting factor
If you are placing your ad on a billboard for casinos, gas stations, hotels, pubs and restaurants, lighting is crucial. Select a lighted billboard to target the after dark travellers to these places.
Avoid blocked view
Billboard views are sometimes blocked by vegetation. A good billboard with a blocked view is a bad investment. So, if you are advertising nationally, and selecting a billboard either online or remotely, make sure that you ask for a video of the surroundings.
Analyze the impressions or circulation data
Most of the outdoor advertising companies provide statistics about weekly impressions that are usually based on eye tracking technology. This helps determine how many people passed the billboard each week and were most likely to have seen it.
Make sure that you select the right billboard to make the most out of your outdoor advertising campaigns!
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Las Vegas 1955 ~ A Sunny Drive Down the Strip - YouTube Boomgate Systems  BILLBOARD ADVERTISING BARRIER How to Wrap a 30' Refrigeration Trailer - Advertising BillBoard BILLBOARDS!  Minecraft Plugin Tutorial - YouTube $100 Challenge! WinStar World Casino Slots Stardust Casino Billboard Sign Epic Wins at Grand Casino Hinckley - YouTube Las Vegas Casino I15 Highway Drive Thru Billboards Ads ... Blimp billboard advertising the new M casino on South ...

Download 9,916 Billboard Casino Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 146,600,601 stock photos online. Casino Billboard Advertising, juegos de casino gratis y sin registrarse, t bone roulette, british army gambling. €100. 30x. 72. Gamble Responsibly January 7, 2018. No Deposit Bonus: 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. $20 Free + 20 Free Spins. More Details Less Details. 13 * T&C-permanent Wager: x45 Min deposit: €10. Over 400 Casino Billboard advertising is a mass medium, like TV. So reach out and talk to everybody who might be interested, not just your guests. Oh, and this is no place for direct response because, well, you just won’t get a response. 99.9% of those people driving by will not remember — much less call — that number. So keep it simple. An Indian casino 60 miles away advertises the tribe's environmental awareness in Chinatown, home to lots of casino goers. The billboard square by Rabican7 213 56 Times Square. Arguably New York City's most crowded outdoor place. And rightfully so, as when you stand at any spot on that square your eyes are overwhelmed by the amount of light and information around you. A ton of billboards Casino industry wants roadblocks for mobile billboards. By. Dana Gentry-February 4, 2020. Facebook. Twitter. Mobile billboards on the Las Vegas Strip. (Courtesy photo) “JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD FOR YOU” reads the message emblazoned on the mobile billboard as it inches its way along Las Vegas Boulevard, obscuring views of the multi-million dollar attractions that line the Strip. Within The Tribe offers billboard advertising at two locations off Interstate-5. At each location there is an electronic and static billboard. The static billboards are available for long-term leasing (3 year). The electronic billboards are available from monthly to multi-year leasing. Maytown Billboard . This is a north-facing billboard which is viewed by southbound traffic on Interstate-5. Grand Clams Casino new songs, albums, biography, chart history, photos, videos, news, and more on Billboard, the go-to source for what's hot in music. Casino Billboard Advertising, slot oyunlari nasil oynanir, t slot extruded aluminum profiles, gambling disorder prevalence Relatively young European Casino Billboard Advertising bookmaker – 22BET – is established in 2017. However that doesn’t stop it to offer very good platform for sports bettors and casino lovers. The bookmaker has a […] Read more. 53,573,754. Long Pao. Wheel of Fortune PLAY FREE. 55. 98.57% . Pay By Mobile Casino Sites – List Casino Billboard Advertising Of The Best Pay By Phone Casino Billboard Advertising, blackjack tutorial italiano, blackjack (root utility froyo), slot ringtones. Payout -Settings > Wunderino. 200%. Good Selection Of Casino Games; Live Casino Games; 24/7 Live Support; News; Financial; Casinos; Features; Bonus. Wager--€300. January 7, 2018. 100. Are Online Casinos Rigged? permanent Wager: 35x Min deposit: $20. Bonus-100%. 100%. 18+, T&C Apply

[index] [19016] [21853] [29194] [14617] [7797] [13514] [32010] [19221] [15881] [14700]

Las Vegas 1955 ~ A Sunny Drive Down the Strip - YouTube

Out Door Advertising One on One Advertising Direct Prime Advertising Applications: Retail, Casinos Dealerships & Residential Estates Industrial and Commercial use Any area where advertising is ... This project was done to promote Northern Quest Casino "Pepsi Outdoor Summer Concerts". Roof, Sides and Rear Roll Up Door were wrapped with Avery wrapping fi... Played at Grand Casino HinckleyJune 2 - 4 2013 This is a video taken on July 2006, of the Stardust Casino billboard sign. The Stardust closed on October 31, 2006. It was sad to see it go. One of only five in the world this is video of a Blimp on October 8, 2008 around 10:00 pm advrtising the new M casino due to open in March 2009 on Las Vegas ... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Mega Red Screens.. Winstar World Casino - Duration: 23:49. JDubSlots 57,161 views. 23:49 ... 1:19 Las Vegas Billboards Start 4:45 Pahrump Hookers and Whores Call Girls Prostitution 7:55 Titty Bars and Deja Vu Cheetas Larry Flynts Hustler Club 8:20 Ma... BILLBOARD LIVE BAND: John Golden- Vocals/Guitar, Rodney James Tucciarone- Guitar/Vocals, John Davis-Bass/Vocals, Steve Stewart- Dru... Vintage Las Vegas at its best. Fantastic color as we journey down the Las Vegas strip with views of the Desert Inn, the Desert Spa, billboards for El Morocc... Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! For your players to advertise their faction, shop, etc.! Place a billboard at the spawn t...