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A Beginner's Guide to Making Money in GTA Online

Quick disclaimer. I have built this guide based on my own personal experience playing this game. I understand there are a lot of other guides out there, but I find that, in my opinion, they overlook many things. I truly believe this is the absolute best order to go about building wealth in this game from scratch, as I tested this guide out myself and had everything on this list within a week of playing.
  1. Offer help to others with their casino heist. It may be difficult at first, but the heist itself is very easy when you learn how to do it and there are no requirements from the game to do it. You even get the weapons for the heist supplied to you. It is also the best active (legit) money maker in the game, so it's valuable to learn it right off the bat. Also, it is a fun way to start playing the game since even the set up missions can be quite dynamic and entertaining. There are 3 "approaches" to the heist that you alternate between, and only once you have done all three you will be able to 'cancel the heist' via calling lester. This will be important for later on, so if you get the opportunity to do all the approaches, then do it. Otherwise, no worries, you can set it up for youself later on.
  2. Buy your own Arcade, La messa (Videogeddon) is the best one to go with. NOT ONE OUTSIDE THE CITY You will have to do a cutscene in mirror park with lester (marked by an "L" on the map) before you can buy it though. Once you got it, set it up, to get access to the casino heist and do the vault contents mission. The only scope out points you will need are the basic ones for the mission, the groupe sechs security tunnel entrance, and the sewer tunnel entrance for aggressive if you haven't gotten an opportunity to help another person with their "aggressive" approach heist. After that mission, do the vault content mission, go back to your arcade and hire the cheapest gunman, and the cheapest getaway driver. Continue to help others with their heist for money
  3. Now that you hired the gunman, change sessions, and you will have a weapons workshop in your arcade, giving you access to weapons you normally can't buy until a higher level. Between the gun store and the weapon workshop, buy the basic weapons. Special carbine, micro smg, holming launcher, heavy sniper, marksman rifle. (Mk2 weapons if you are into PVP)
Optional step This one is more for fun as the most efficient thing would be to continue to help other people with their heists until you have a couple more things for your own heists. BUT, the game isn't always about "efficiency" so if you want to try out setting up your own heist, hire the best hacker you have access to (7% at the point you are at currently), and start setting it up yourself. It will be a good learning experience even if you slow down your money grind.
  1. Buy any nightclub as this gives you access to other things you will need. Also the nightclub is extremely useful for making money itself. Make sure to do the set up missions.
  2. Buy a terrobyte as this gives you access to "Paige" the best hacker you need for the casino heist (there is one slightly better, but insignificant in the long run. If you have paige, you are set.) Having the terrobyte also give you access to unlocking the trade price for the oppressor mk2, so start doing any client jobs until you have complete 5 missions (they can all be the same mission) to have the trade price unlocked.
  3. Buy that oppressor(mk2)! It is the best grinders vehicle in the game. That being said, it is also the best greifer vehicle in the game. Remember, "with great power, comes great responsibility" -Uncle Ben (RIP)
  4. Now you are at the point where it is officially more efficient for you to set up your own heists! Congrats! The next purchase you should make is the vehicle workshop for terrobyte, and then upgrade that baby with holming rockets so you can use it even more efficiently. Also another thing to mention is if you get cash as your vault contents, cancel your heist. It's not worth it, when artwork and gold give +1m and +2m bigger take respectively and it only costs 25k to set it up. Protip: cancel your heist in the casino before you complete the vault content mission, and you the next time you set up your heist, vault contents will be done already. You may get the same target again, but it saves you the time from having to do the mission since you will only have to do the mission once for every 2 times you check the vault.
  5. Buy an MC clubhouse. The cheapest one is normally 250k and there really isn't any point in getting a different one as you rarely ever go there. But they are all cheap and you should have somewhat of a consistent flow of cash coming in, so get whichever you want.
  6. Buy the Chumash Bunker + staff/equipment upgrade. Reason why Chumash is because it is the best one for distance as it's right outside Los Santos and right on the highway. The farmhouse bunker is good too, but 400k more expensive for not really any difference. Now you are set up to make passive money through your bunker. The way I do it is always buy the supplies, then when the stock reaches 140k, i buy more supplies and sell what i currently have to Los Santos. This keeps Bunker work short, solo, and only 1 delivery vehicle. It takes roughly 2 hours to fill up 1 full load of supplies, and you will net roughly 190k if you sell in a full lobby for the high demand bonus. So you should be making around 95k/h from bunker passively. Protip: Enemy players cannot lock on to you during bunker sales. They can however still free aim you if they are a good shot.
  7. Now it's time to get the nightclub set up, but this one cost more to invest into. Buy the security/equipment upgrade for nightclub. Equipment makes the value of your sales greater, and security prevents raids up to a certain point. Security also adds a gun locker which is nice to have if you are into PVP, since it lets ypu customize your loadout.
  8. Next we have to buy the businesses for the nightclub, so get the cheapest CEO office, the cheapest special cargo warehouse, and the cheapest coke lockup. I don't actually recommend spending your time doing the MC businesses, as the pay is horrible for the time you put into it. That being said, you will have to 'set up' you coke lockup so that it will be producing stock in your nightclub, but that's it. You don't actually have to have any supplies or product in your coke lockup.
  9. Now we need to set up the business side of things from within the nightclub. Buy 3 warehouse storage floors for nightclub (not garage) + hire 2 extra technicians. Three floors of storage will give you space for 216 crate, and the security upgrade will prevent the raid timer from starting until 40% of that (87 crates). You want to always sell your nighclub stock before it reaches 90 crates, or you will not be able to use the small sale vehicle (or have to split up the mission and do it twice). The smallest delivery vehicle is the best one to use because it's the fastest, has the best weapons, and is a harder target to hit. Also same as with bunker sales, you cannot get locked onto with nightclub sales, and the high demand bonus works in the same way (although you do have to give a 10% cut of the sale to tony, up to 100k).
  10. Upgrade speedo custom fully with weapons armour and performance so that the sale missions are a breeze, then you are ready to start doing nightclub sales. You will first have to 'assign' the technicians you hired to the available business you have acquired up to this point: South American Imports = Coke Cargo and Shipments = Cargo Sporting Goods = Bunker (The top 3) Then the business runs on it's own, simple as that. Just keep an eye on when you are anywhere between 50-90 crates, and if you are, then do the sale. Otherwise just let it continue to fill up until you reach that point. Occasionally people experience a glitch when first setting up their nightclub that doesn't fill up the stock for some business even though the technicians are asigned. If this happens to you, shut down your other businesses, start them back up, then reasign you technicians (try asigning them to different businesses then the ones you did the first time). That should fix that issue should you come accross it yourself.
  11. 3 businesses for the nightclub are nice, but the max is 5. So buy the last 2 best ones which are the Meth lab and the cash factory (make sure to buy the cheapest one, and set them up). Also you will need to hire 2 more technicians to assign to your new businesses.
At this point you should have enough money coming in that you can buy literally anything you want in the game within a day or two. So the next step is up to you! Have fun :)
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