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Victory Casino, cocoa beach, fl.

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[Other] These are the top 73 parks in the United States, ranked based on the quality of their coaster collections, as voted by, well... you! This is as close to objective as a ranking will ever get for this. Don't worry, I have some nerdy data to help explain myself.

This post needs a little clarification. Anyway, many of you are aware of the brilliant Vote Coasters project over at Coaster Bot. If not, take a look:
2699 enthusiasts from across the wrold people ranked every roller coaster they've ever ridden, at an average of 43 coaster credits per voter (116256 total credits). Many of you personally participated in this survey. Their algorithm is extremely clever ( - "The community is only permitted to rank roller coasters they’ve actually ridden. This way each roller coasters position in the final results will be as truthful and accurate as possible. By making it easy for lots of people to contribute their lists, Vote Coasters is able to accumulate a large sample which represents everyone! Once the community has voted, the numbers are crunched. Our method involves directly comparing the rank of two individual roller coasters across all of the submitted lists. As Vote Coasters makes direct comparisons between individual roller coasters, the poll is not a popularity contest. Even obscure roller coasters that few people have had the chance to ride yet can do well!"
I have taken this data and created a point system for coasters that's directly linked to their ranking on Vote Coasters 2020. The #1 ranking, Steel Vengeance, is worth 500 points. [Zadra's second and would be worth 499 points, but it's not in the US] #3, Lightning Rod, gets 498 points. El Toro gets 497 points and so on, all the way down to La Vibora in 499th place, earning only 2 points for its park. Any coaster under the top 500 (such as Corkscrew at Cedar Point) is worth zero points. This weeds out kiddie coasters and terrible coasters from factoring into a park's collection quality. Basically, crappy coasters add zero points to a park's total points, while excellent coasters are worth way more points than mid-tier ones. For coasters with two tracks, such as Gemini or Lightning Racer, I only counted points for the best of the two tracks. My spreadsheet showing the point values for all 256 American coasters in the top 500 is here:
I have added all of the points for the coasters in all of the 73 American amusement parks that house at least one global top 500 roller coaster. I ranked the earned point totals for all 73 parks. (That's how I got to a "Top 73!") For those like me who care exclusively about coasters and collecting quality credits and nothing else, I think this is an EXCELLENT way to prioritize future amusement park trips based on the quality of each park's overall coaster collection. Without further ado, here's what you want to see:

1 (4149 points): Cedar Point - Sandusky, OH

17 coasters

1 - Steel Vengeance (2018, RMC IBox)
8 - Maverick (2007, Intamin Blitz)
28 - Millennium Force (2000, Intamin Giga)
33 - Top Thrill Dragster (2003, Intamin Accelerator)
105 - Raptor (1994, B&M Invert)
113 - Magnum XL-200 (1989, Arrow Hyper)
140 - Gatekeeper (2013, B&M Wing)
173 - Valravn (2016, B&M Dive)
260 - Rougarou (1996, B&M Floorless)
324 - Gemini (1978, Arrow Dueling SCS)
325 - Wicked Twister (2002, Intamin Impulse)
363 - Blue Streak (1964, PTC Woodie)
491 - Iron Dragon (1987, Arrow Suspended)
Unranked: Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Wilderness Run, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 260.67/500

2 (3704 points): Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valencia, CA

19 coasters

17 - Twisted Colossus (RMC IBox Quasi Mobius)
26 - X2 (2002, Arrow 4th Dimension)
64 - Tatsu (2006, B&M Flyer)
131 - Full Throttle (2013, Premier Rides Sky Rocket III)
203 - Batman The Ride (1994, B&M Invert)
214 - Apocalypse the Ride (2009, GCI Woodie)
216 - Riddler's Revenge (1998, B&M Stand-Up)
219 - Goliath (2000, Giovanola Mega)
289 - West Coast Racers (2020, Premier Rides Quasi Mobius)
312 - Scream! (2003, B&M Floorless)
342 - Superman: Escape from Krypton (1997, Intamin Freefall)
409 - New Revolution (1976, Schwarzkopf Steel)
413 - Ninja (1988, Arrow Suspended)
455 - Viper (1990, Arrow Looper)
Unranked: Canyon Blaster, Gold Rusher, Magic Flyer, Road Runner Express, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Average coaster ranking: 305.79/500

3 (2735 points): Kings Island - Mason, OH

14 coasters

43 - Mystic Timbers (2017, GCI Woodie)
52 - Diamondback (2009, B&M Hyper)
65 - Orion (2020, B&M Giga)
106 - Banshee (2014, B&M Invert)
116 - Beast (1979, KECO Woodie)
275 - Flight of Fear (1996, Premier Rides LIM Dark Ride)
294 - Bat (1993, Arrow Suspended)
383 - Backlot Stunt Coaster (2005, Premier Rides Steel)
440 - Racer (1972, PTC Dueling Woodie)
Unranked: Adventure Express, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Invertigo, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 305.29/500

4 (2722 points): Six Flags Great America - Gurnee, IL

15 coasters

56 - Goliath (2014, RMC Topper Woodie)
107 - Maxx Force (2019, S&S Launch)
123 - Raging Bull (1999, B&M Hyper)
179 - Batman The Ride (1992, B&M Invert)
229 - X-Flight (2012, B&M Wing)
243 - Viper (1995, SFGA Cyclone)
268 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (2003, B&M Flyer)
330 - American Eagle (1981, Intamin Dueling Woodie)
375 - Vertical Velocity (2001, Intamin Impulse)
378 - Whizzer (1976, Schwarzkopf Speed Racer)
Unranked: Dark Knight, Demon, Joker, Little Dipper, Sprocket Rockets
Average coaster ranking: 327.07/500

5 (2540 points): Hersheypark - Hershey, PA

14 coasters

14 - Skyrush (2012, Intamin Wing)
60 - Storm Runner (2004, Intamin Accelerator)
85 - Candymonium (2020, B&M Hyper)
134 - Fahrenheit (2008, Intamin Multi-Inversion)
152 - Great Bear (1998, B&M Invert)
200 - Lightning Racer (2000, GCI Dueling Woodie)
402 - Sooperdooperlooper (1977, Schwarzkopf Looping Speedracer)
421 - Comet (1946, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Cocoa Cruiser, Laff Trakk, Sidewinder, Trailblazer, Wild Mouse, Wildcat
Average coaster ranking: 311.53/500

6 (2386 points): Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

12 coasters

4 - El Toro (2006, Intamin Prefab Woodie)
68 - Nitro (2001, B&M Hyper)
108 - Kingda Ka (2005, Intamin Accelerator)
146 - Bizarro (1999, B&M Floorless)
193 - Batman The Ride (1993, B&M Invert)
259 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (B&M Flyer)
417 - Green Lantern (2011, B&M Stand-Up)
427 - Joker (2016, S&S Free Spin)
Unranked: Dark Knight, Harley Quinn Crazy Train, Runaway Mine Train, Skull Mountain
Average coaster ranking: 301.83/500

7 (2070 points): Six Flags Over Georgia - Austell, GA

10 coasters

59 - Goliath (2006, B&M Hyper)
69 - Twisted Cyclone (2018, RMC IBox)
197 - Batman The Ride (1997, B&M Invert)
199 - Mind Bender (1978, Schwarzkopf Steel)
256 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (2002, B&M Flyer)
313 - Georgia Scorcher (1999, B&M Stand-Up)
360 - Dare Devil Dive (2011, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter)
485 - Great American Scream Machine (1973, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Blue Hawk, Dahlonega Mine Train, Joker Funhouse Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 312.55/500

8 (2031 points): Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Williamsburg, VA

8 coasters

76 - Alpengeist (1997, B&M Invert)
80 - Apollo's Chariot (1999, B&M Hyper)
112 - Griffon (2007, B&M Dive)
183 - Verbolten (2012, Zierer Launch)
288 - Loch Ness Monster (1978, Arrow Looper)
352 - InvadR (2017, GCI Woodie)
385 - Tempesto (2015, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
Unranked: Grover's Alpine Express
Average coaster ranking: 210.86/500

9 (2013 points): Busch Gardens Tampa - Tampa, FL

9 coasters

44 - Montu (1996, B&M Invert)
90 - Kumba (1993, B&M Sitting)
109 - Cheetah Hunt (2011, Intamin Blitz)
114 - SheiKra (2005, B&M Dive)
317 - Tigris (2019, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
405 - Cobra's Curse (2016, Mack X-Treme Spinning)
415 - Scorpion (1980, Schwarzkopf Silverarrow)
Unranked: Air Grover, Sand Serpent
Average coaster ranking: 277.11/500

10 (1855 points): Dollywood - Pigeon Forge, TN

9 coasters

3 - Lightning Rod (RMC Launched Topper)
119 - Thunderhead (2004, GCI Woodie)
185 - Tennessee Tornado (1999, Arrow Looper)
232 - Wild Eagle (2012, B&M Wing)
279 - Mystery Mine (2007, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter)
362 - Firechaser Express (2014, Gerstlauer Family Coaster)
472 - Dragonflier (2019, Vekoma SFC)
Unranked: Blazing Fury, Whistle Punk Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 294.67/500

11 (1819 points): Carowinds - Charlotte, NC

14 coasters

5 - Fury 325 (2015, B&M Giga)
84 - Afterburn (1999, B&M Invert)
93 - Copperhead Strike (2019, Mack Launch)
110 - Intimidator (2010, B&M Hyper)
394 - Nighthawk (2004, Vekoma Flying Dutchman)
Unranked: Carolina Cyclone, Carolina Goldrusher, Flying Cobras, Hurler, Kiddy Hawk, Ricochet, Vortex, Wilderness Run, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 370.43/500

12 (1795 points): Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, TX

10 coasters

37 - Iron Rattler (2013, RMC IBox)
47 - Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (2018, RMC Raptor)
137 - Superman Krypton Coaster (2000, B&M Floorless)
250 - Goliath (2008, B&M Invert)
314 - Poltergeist (1999, Premier Rides Launch)
426 - Batman The Ride (2015, S&S Free-Spin)
Unranked: Boomerang, Pandemonium, Road Runner Express, Streamliner Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 321.10/500

13 (1739 points): Knott's Berry Farm - Buena Park, CA

10 coasters

45 - GhostRider (1998, CCI Woodie)
66 - Xcelerator (2002, Intamin Accelerator)
167 - HangTime (2018, Gerstlauer Infinity)
191 - Silver Bullet (2004, B&M Invert)
340 - Montezooma's Revenge (1998, Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop)
458 - Sierra Sidewinder (2007, Mack Spinning)
Unranked: Coast Rider, Jaguar!, Pony Express, Timberline Twister
Average coaster ranking: 326.70/500

14 (1715 points): Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA)

12 coasters

20 - Twisted Timbers (2018, RMC IBox)
21 - Intimidator 305 (2010, Intamin Giga)
153 - Dominator (2008, B&M Floorless)
300 - Flight of Fear (1996, Premier Rides Launch)
416 - Racer 75 (1975, PTC Dueling Woodie)
422 - Backlot Stunt Coaster (2006, Premier Rides Steel)
460 - Grizzly (1982, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Anaconda, Apple Zapple, Avalanche, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 359.54/500

15 (1710 points): Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX)

13 coasters

70 - New Texas Giant (2011, RMC IBox)
129 - Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (1998, Premier Rides Shuttle Loop)
189 - Shock Wave (1978, Schwarzkopf Looper)
207 - Titan (2001, Giovanola Mega)
251 - Batman The Ride (1999, B&M Invert)
452 - Joker (2017, S&S Free-Spin)
499 - La Vibora (1986, Intamin Swiss Bob)
Unranked: Judge Roy Scream, Mini Mine Train, Pandemonium, Runaway Mine Train, Runaway Mountain, Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster
Average coaster ranking: 369.00/500

16 (1666 points): Silver Dollar City - Branson, MO

7 coasters

18 - Outlaw Run (2013, RMC Topper Woodie)
49 - Time Traveler (2018, Mack Xtreme Spinning)
162 - Wildfire (2001, B&M Sitting)
177 - Powder Keg: A Blast in the Wilderness (1999, Premiere Rides/S&S Hybrid)
433 - Thunderation (1993, Arrow Mine Train)
Unranked: Fire in the Hole, Grand Exposition Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 262.71/500

17 (1646 points): Kennywood - West Mifflin, PA

8 coasters

32 - Phantom's Revenge (1991, Arrow/Morgan Hyper)
117 - Steel Curtain (2019, S&S Steel)
261 - Thunderbolt (1924, Andy Vettel/NADC Woodie)
270 - Jack Rabbit (1920, John A. Miller Woodie)
290 - Sky Rocket (2010, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
390 - Racer (1927, John. A Miller Mobius Woodie)
Unranked: Exterminator, Lil' Phantom
Average coaster ranking: 295.00/500

18 (1605 points): Holiday World - Santa Claus, IN

5 coasters

6 - The Voyage (2006, Gravity Group Woodie)
82 - Thunderbird (2015, B&M Launched Wing)
141 - Legend (2000, CCI Woodie)
170 - Raven (1995, CCI Woodie)
Unranked: Howler
Average coaster ranking: 179.80/500

19 (1367 points): Six Flags St. Louis - Eureka, MO

9 coasters

132 - Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (1998, Premier Rides Shuttle Loop)
156 - American Thunder (2008, GCI Woodie)
211 - Batman The Ride (1995, B&M Invert)
283 - Boss (2000, CCI Woodie)
356 - Screamin' Eagle (1976, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Boomerang, Ninja, Pandemonium, River King Mine Train
Average coaster ranking: 348.67/500

20 (1358 points): SeaWorld Orlando - Orlando, FL

5 coasters

35 - Mako (2016, B&M Hyper)
102 - Manta (2009, B&M Flyer)
128 - Kraken (2000, B&M Floorless)
381 - Journey to Atlantis (1998, Mack Water Coaster)
Unranked: Super Grover's Box Car Derby
Average coaster ranking: 229.20/500

21 (1205 points): California's Great America - Santa Clara, CA

9 coasters

39 - RailBlazer (2018, RMC Raptor)
72 - Gold Striker (2013, GCI Woodie)
187 - Flight Deck (1993, B&M Invert)
Unranked: Demon, Grizzly, Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies, Patriot, Psycho Mouse, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 366.44/500

22 (1190 points): Kentucky Kingdom - Louisville, KY

6 coasters

19 - Storm Chaser (2016, RMC IBox)
58 - Lightning Run (2014, Chance Rides Hyper GT-X)
355 - Kentucky Flyer (2019, Gravity Group Woodie)
382 - Thunder Run (1990, Dinn Corporation Woodie)
Unranked: Roller Skater, T3
Average coaster ranking: 302.33/500

23 (1166 points): Six Flags New England - Agawam, MA

12 coasters

22 - Wicked Cyclone (2015, RMC IBox)
29 - Superman the Ride (2000, Intamin Hyper)
286 - Batman - The Dark Knight (2002, B&M Floorless)
Unranked: Catwoman's Whip, Flashback, Goliath, Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum, Great Chase, Joker, Pandemonium, Riddler Revenge, Thunderbolt
Average coaster ranking: 403.08/500

24 (1157 points): Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Vallejo, CA

10 coasters

98 - Joker (2016, RMC IBox)
163 - Medusa (2000, B&M Floorless)
304 - Flash: Vertical Velocity (2001, Intamin Impulse)
307 - Superman Ultimate Flight (2012, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
476 - Batman The Ride (2019, S&S Free-Spin)
Unranked: Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Cobra, Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, Kong, Roadrunner Express
Average coaster ranking: 384.80/500

25 (1060 points): Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom - Allentown, PA

7 coasters

151 - Talon (2001, B&M Invert)
181 - Steel Force (1997, Morgan Hyper)
215 - Hydra the Revenge (2005, B&M Floorless)
397 - Possessed (2008, Intamin Impulse)
Unranked: Thunderhawk, Wild Mouse, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 349.14/500

26 (957 points): Worlds of Fun (7 coasters, 3 ranked)

27 (902 points): Knoebels (6 coasters, 4 ranked)

28 (855 points): SeaWorld San Antonio (6 coasters, 3 ranked)

29 (827 points): Universal Studios Florida (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

30 (816 points): Islands of Adventure (4 coasters, 2 ranked)

31 (816 points): Six Flags America (9 coasters, 4 ranked)

32 (704 points): Valleyfair! (8 coasters, 3 ranked)

33 (703 points): Mt. Olympus (5 coasters, 3 ranked)

34 (685 points): Silverwood (6 coasters, 3 ranked)

35 (682 points): Lagoon (10 coasters, 3 ranked)

36 (652 points): Disneyland (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

37 (584 points): Lake Compounce (5 coasters, 2 ranked)

38 (564 points): Indiana Beach (5 coasters, 4 ranked)

39 (481 points): Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey (5 coasters, 3 ranked)

40 (455 points): Six Flags Darien Lake (8 coasters, 2 ranked)

41 (430 points): Waldameer (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

42 (398 points): Michigan's Adventure (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

43 (390 points): Kemah Boardwalk (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

44 (389 points): Adventureland Iowa (5 coasters, 2 ranked)

45 (365 points): Alabama Adventure (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

46 (361 points): Magic Kingdom (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

47 (347 points): Disney's Hollywood Studios (2 coasters, 2 ranked)

48 (340 points): Fun Spot America Kissimmee (4 coasters, 1 ranked)

49 (323 points): Disney's Animal Kingdom (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

50 (288 points): Luna Park (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

51 (275 points): Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

52 (273 points): Disney California Adventure Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

53 (268 points): Fun Spot America Orlando (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

54 (259 points): ZDT's Amusement Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

55 (258 points): SeaWorld San Diego (4 coasters, 2 ranked)

56 (239 points): Playland's Castaway Cove (4 coasters, 1 ranked)

57 (224 points): Beech Bend (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

58 (216 points): Universal Studios Hollywood (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

59 (206 points): Quassy Amusement Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

60 (195 points): Sesame Place (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

61 (175 points): Great Escape (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

62 (158 points): Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

63 (156 points): Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

64 (151 points): Bay Beach Amusement Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

65 (137 points): Adventuredome (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

66 (127 points): Morey's Piers (7 coasters, 1 ranked)

67 (98 points): Casino Pier (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

68 (97 points): Nickelodeon Universe Minnesota (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

69 (93 points): Frontier City (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

70 (37 points): Adventureland New York (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

71 (17 points): Lakemont Park (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

72 (12 points): Conneaut Lake Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

73 (8 points): Belmont Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

If any coaster YouTube channel wants to use this data to fuel an idea for a new video (sup Airtime Thrills or Coaster Studios or, you know, COASTER BOT!), please feel free! 100% of the credit goes to Coaster Bot for helping me compile this ranking.
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[SELL - US] Pat Mcgrath, Marc Jacobs, MAC, Wayne Goss, Koyudo, Chikuhodo, Urban Decay, Lisa Eldridge, Makeup Geek, Guerlain, ABH, Drugstore, etc.

Shipping within the US starts at $3 unless noted. Heavier items will require a higher shipping cost. Sorry no international at this time. Will be shipping from the CT 06512, US.
Paypal only please! No swaps right now.
If you're not interested in an item, please just let me know so I can move onto the next person.
Minimum of $10 before shipping, please :)

Natasha Denona

Pat Mcgrath

Urban Decay

Makeup Geek [1] [2] [3] [4]
Marc Jacobs

MAC Cosmetics


Dose of Colors







Random Drugstore Items - each swatched like once other than the wnw which are new

Lisa Eldridge - all brand new with box

Wayne Goss various usage, can't really tell

Kevyn Aucoin various usage, can't really tell

Koyudo various usage, can't really tell


Random Brushes - all brand new in box

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Best of the 2010s Album Tournament - 2010 Round of 64 + 2018 Bracket Results

Vote for the 2010 Round of 64 here.

If you missed the 2019 ballot yesterday, you may still vote for it here.

How it Works

Today focuses on the first round of the 2010 bracket. There are 64 albums in competition with one another, and you may vote for whichever ones you wish. Voting results will now be available for the brackets, starting this round.
The bracket is double-elimination, and the loser's bracket will be voted on alongside the Round of 32. If your favorite album loses today, don't worry, it's still got one more shot.

2018 Ballot Results

See the full 2018 bracket here.
See the full 2017 bracket here.
See the full 2016 bracket here.
See the full 2015 bracket here.
See the full 2014 bracket here.
See the full 2013 bracket here.
See the full 2012 bracket here.
See the full 2011 bracket here.
See the full 2010 bracket here.
Below is a full list of all the 2018 albums who made it to the next round:
Seed Album Votes
1 Beach House - 7 363
2 MGMT - Little Dark Age 340
3 Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy 338
4 Mitski - Be The Cowboy 314
5 Parquet Courts - Wide Awaaaaake! 310
6 IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance 283
7 Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer 271
8 Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts 267
9 Boygenius - Boygenius 233
10 Pusha T - Daytona 232
11 Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino 221
12 Snail Mail - Lush 216
13 Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs 215
14 Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer 212
15 Soccer Mommy - Clean 208
16 SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides 206
17 Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour 203
18 Against All Logic (A.A.L.) - 2012-2017 197
19 JPEGMAFIA - Veteran 195
20 Cournet Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel 191
21 U.S Girls - In A Poem Unlimited 188
22 Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog 182
23 Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want 174
24 Noname - Room 25 171
25 Denzel Curry - TA13OO 167
26 The Voidz - Virtue 162
27 Lucy Dacus - Historian 161
28 The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships 153
29 Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love 152
30 Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place 148
31 Blood Orange - Negro Swan 148
32 Anderson .Paak - Oxnard 145
33 Kali Uchis - Isolation 145
34 The Beths - Future Me Hates Me 141
35 Death Grips - Year of the Snitch 138
36 Kanye West - Ye 138
37 Julia Holter - Aviary 137
38 Rosalia - El Mal Querer 135
39 Low - Double Negative 132
40 Brockhampton - Iridescence 131
41 Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears 130
42 Jeff Rosenstock - POST- 128
43 Travis Scott - Astroworld 124
44 Haley Heynderickx - I Need to Start A Garden 122
45 Jon Hopkins - Singularity 122
46 Thom Yorke - Suspiria OST 110
47 Playboi Carti - Die Lit 108
48 Robyn - Honey 108
49 Tierra Whack - Whack World 107
50 Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile 106
51 Tropical Fuck Storm - A Laughing Death in Meatspace 105
52 Mount Eerie - Now Only 105
53 Superorganism - Superorganism 102
54 Amen Dunes - Freedom 101
55 Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth 101
56 Adrianne Lenker - abysskiss 101
57 Khruangbin - Con Todo el Mundo 97
58 Saba - CARE FOR ME 96
59 Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage 95
60 Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar 94
61 Iceage - Beyondless 90
62 Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 89
63 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs 88
64 Foxing - Nearer My God 87

The Schedule

7/7 - 2011 Round of 64, 2019 Bracket Announced
7/8 - 2012 Round of 64, 2010 First Round Results
7/9 - 2013 Round of 64, 2011 First Round Results
7/10 - 2014 Round of 64, 2012 First Round Results
7/11 - 2015 Round of 64, 2013 First Round Results
7/12 - 2016 Round of 64, 2014 First Round Results
7/13 - 2017 Round of 64, 2015 First Round Results
7/14 - 2018 Round of 64, 2016 First Round Results
7/15 - 2019 Round of 64, 2017 First Round Results
Good luck, have fun, post wisely.
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Content Summary: June (1/2)

Welcome to the conent summary for the month of June!
As previously decided via a pool this will be a test run and based on the reception we will either continue this next month or just make this a one time thing.
This will remain pinned until the 5th.


Okita-san is in love by hitode_rainbow
Early Morning with D'Eon
Doom/Grand Order
Gyaru Medb Teasing NSFW
Gudao dozing off
Okita-san is in love (extra page) by hitode_rainbow
The Queen & The Saint
Event Reruns and Extra Servants
Musashi's Back Tattoo
ur ass park
Summer Valkyrie!
Fulfilled Request NSFW
Reine's Gift for her Favorite Student
What Everyone is Probably Thinking Right Now by Sansan_san3 NSFW
Stolen Line
What Everyone is Probably Thinking Right Now
Bonding With Big Sister Mordred
Perverted Order NSFW
The Royal Gameboard
Reasons to roll for Kijyo Kōyō
Doting Lover (by miturugisugar)
Like feeding a baby bird
Caught by Tora-san by mellow_003 NSFW
Voyager Buster NSFW
(Reluctant) Maid Kama
Scary Majin-san by hitode_rainbow
Jalter's reward after clearing a quest
Immediately Maxing A New Servant
Hokusai's laundry
Jealous Okita-san by hitode_rainbow
Jeanne discovers historymemes
Concerned Father
Master's Preferences
After bath Nobu!!! NSFW
Master’s revenge
Jeanne discovers historymemes (part 2)
Goddess of Beauty
Tora-san Covered in Blood by mellow_003
Cute Okita
Bonding Servants: Serenity
Tora-san & Bunny Ritsuka by mellow_003
Jeanne discovers historymemes (part 3)
Inseparable ToraGuda by mellow_003
Bonding Servants: Marie
Telepathy A (False)
Bone Shortage
Servant Transportation Service
Face of Happiness
What A Scandalous Appearance! by neko_matsuri NSFW
This is not the way...
Happy Birthday with Jack
A Sick Slasher & A Boy by hitode_rainbow
Marie Alter's "Pie" NSFW
Smiling For Her
Sightseeing with Tora-san by mellow_003
Grail Inequality
Teasing Gudako by mellow_003 NSFW
Mysterious Light by Neko_Matsuri
Summer Date with Hildr NSFW
Bonding With Erice by MA08BYGZAM04
Moonlight Lostroom deleted scene
You are the one to talk, Musashi
Gudako and Okita go on a date in the sky - comic by @mellow_003
Lalter and Mordred at Casino Camelot by 人生負組
Gamer Girls by hitode_rainbow
Grand Reveal
For Her Master NSFW
Erice's Bond 10 Reward by neko_matsuri
Perfect Job For Erice by izui_shimouki
Lartoria, Artoria Lily | Headpats
Sakura and the Small Snake
On The Tip Of Her Tongue
An Offer For Tomoe by ElegomosuX NSFW
The Littlest Prince
Jack x Hunter
Okita-san Something For Master by hitode_rainbow
Melonbread with Gramps [Part 1/2]
Melonbread with Gramps [Part 2/2]
Kagetora Tries on A Swimsuit by ElegomosuX NSFW
Kama Presents Her Chocolate NSFW
Gilgamesh Wants To Headpat
Guda and the Sleepy Assassin
Summoning Zeus
Domestic Kama(ojo)
Nobu Found A New Gun by hitode_rainbow
Okita-san in Her Swimsuit by ElegomosuX NSFW
The War Goddess vs The Man-Slayer by @mellow_003
Okita and Gudako take to the night sky - comic by @mellow_003 NSFW
Summer Lartoria | The swimsuit Lion King by inu_33 NSFW
Facing Her Other Self by hitode_rainbow
Princess Bonding
Summoning Merlin
Shaved Ice
Summer, Swimwear & Souji-chan by hitode_rainbow
Groping Gudako by @mellow_003 NSFW
Thanks For The Hardwork by hitode_rainbow
Drunk Singing
Jurassic Chaldea
Shameless Okita-san by hitode_rainbow
Did you manage to summon her? - comic by @mellow_003
Jalter's Trick by ElegomosuX NSFW
Bloody Kiss - comic by @mellow_003
Bring out your mums!
The Countess of the Beach
Sleeping faces
Fresh Bread
Dinowife and the Giants
Monstrous Friends
Exposed Master NSFW
Seductive Summer Suzuka by una_dondon NSFW
Chaldean Wingwomen by hitode_rainbow
Being jealous of your friend's Okita - comic by @mellow_003
Caught in His Arms
Bonding with Beni
Falsified Report
Smoking Hot Okita-san by hitode_rainbow
Caring kouhai comforting her senpai after his failed rolls - comic by @mellow_003
End of The Fight by hitode_rainbow
Raikou's New Child
I Can't Beat My Sister by makoto kiryuu NSFW
Lack of Defense NSFW
Striking a Pose by hitode_rainbow
Sakura, Saber - comic by @mellow_003
Nobu's swimsuit NSFW
Brynhildr Lily and her Oneesama
Steaming Warm Mashu
Castor in Comiket
Daycare Trio Sketches
It's Time For Your "Check Up" NSFW
Even When Gudako is Brainwashed by @mellow_003
Gudao's Preference by hitode_rainbow
Kurtaker - Noxious Oni
Nightingale's Special "Bonding Session" NSFW
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Gudao's curiosity about Nobu's swimsuit
Guda & Okita - 1 by Abaraki41
4th Gorgon Sister Rushia
Bunyan's IQ Expansion
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Trying on your GF's sweatshirt - comic by @mellow_003
Pinta's Suggestion Box by Kiwoterau NSFW
Okita's love of kids - comic by @saitoh_michiru
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Jack's Summer Clothes
Astraea-san's Physical Beauty
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Maid Mordred Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka
Maid Mashu Cosplay by @monpink_mon
LArtoria Maid Cosplay by @takomayuyi
Shuten Cosplay by ShiroKitsune NSFW
Maid Mordred Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Maid Mashu Cosplay by @monpink_mon
Shuten Cosplay by ShiroKitsune NSFW
Nero Bride Cosplay by @Ely_eee
Casual Astolfo Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka
Nero Bride Cosplay by Ely_eee
Artoria Pendragon (Ruler) Cosplay by 水淼Aqua
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Casual Astolfo Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka
Maid Mordred Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
BB Maid Cosplay by @takomayuyi
Maid Tamamo Cosplay by Hana Bunny NSFW
Maid Mordred Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
BB Maid Cosplay by @takomayuyi
Nero Bride Cosplay by @Ely_eee
Chaldea's Maid Service Cosplay by Maomaru, Puremurr and Yoshinobi NSFW
Maid Mordred Cosplay by 沖田凜花Rinka
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Nero Bride Cosplay by Ely_eee
Shuten Lingerie Cosplay by Kuuko NSFW
Mashu Cosplay by @yaobb0712
Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) Lingerie Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD NSFW
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Nero Maid Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD
Mashu Cosplay by @yaobb0712
Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) Lingerie Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD NSFW
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Nero Maid Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD
TamamoxArturia Maid by peachycloudbunny NSFW
Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) Lingerie Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD NSFW
Nero Maid Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD
Maid Mashu Cosplay by @Hidori_Rose NSFW
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Nero Maid Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD
Maid Mashu Cosplay by @Hidori_Rose NSFW
Officer Tamamo Cosplay by Chihiro NSFW
Consort Yu Cosplay by Chihiro
Tamamo dance ver by Tsuki.des NSFW
Nero Maid Cosplay by 爱老师_PhD
Officer Tamamo Cosplay by Chihiro
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Consort Yu Cosplay by Chihiro
Nero Lingerie Cosplay 沖田凜花Rinka NSFW
Casual Jeanne Cosplay by 迷失人形QUQ
Summer Scathach Cosplay by 水淼Aqua NSFW
Consort Yu Cosplay by Chihiro
Casual Jeanne Cosplay by 迷失人形QUQ
Dancer Tamamo Cosplay by @Hokunaimeko NSFW
Summer Nero Cosplay by 瓜希酱
Nero Bride Cosplay by @Hokunaimeko NSFW


Chaldea Lewd Time! (Fate/Grand Order) [Mitsukazu] NSFW
Bride's Sliver (Fate/Grand Order) [Shisui Ao] NSFW
Koidorete Uwabami!! (Fate/Grand Order) [SolopipB] NSFW
Omoe Jigoku (Fate/Grand Order) [Batsu] NSFW
Hm? Just now, you said you would do anything, right? (Fate/Grand Order) [Naha 78] NSFW
Kango x Raikou (Fate/Grand Order) [Asamine Tel] NSFW
Another Personality (Fate/Grand Order) [Asamine Tel] NSFW
Tropical Sanctuary (Fate/Grand Order) [Ban] NSFW
I Love Franken (Fate/Grand Order) [Hyocorou] NSFW
[Translated] Chaldea Yariman Enkou Bitch-bu (Ankoman) NSFW


"Run! Merlin Run! Run for your life! She is coming!"
FGOxCutie Honey by Goeppe NSFW
Fucking Medea (JXH 33) [Fate/Grand Order] NSFW
Due to the character limit we had to move fanarts to a serperate post, please go to

Content Summary: June (2/2)

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The OFFICIAL r/indieheads Top 101 Albums of 2018!

Well folks, it's over. After a wonderful time, Listmas is now coming to a close. But before we shut the doors on 2018, we have to present the most important list of the year: our favorite albums of 2018. In the voting thread posted earlier this week, we asked you all for your top 10 albums of 2018. Taking the Top Ten Tuesday approach where #1 = 10 points, #2 = 9 points, #3 = 8 points, and etc., we've now tallied all the votes as the polls were quietly closed last night. With a big, massive thanks to pulsivesilver for putting this all together for me (God bless you), we can now present our Top 101 albums of 2018!
Now, why 101 you might say? Well, much like our SOTY playlist, we had a tie for 100 funnily enough, so 101 is how many albums we're going with. Anyways, let's take a look at the list!
Place Vote Count Artist - Album
1 1272 Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
2 1218 Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
3 1017 Beach House - 7
4 970 IDLES - Joy As An Act Of Resistance
5 811 Daughters - You Won'T Get What You Want
6 772 MGMT - Little Dark Age
7 734 Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts
8 696 Mitski - Be The Cowboy
9 589 Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
10 560 Against All Logic - 2012 - 2017
12 477 Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer
13 444 The Voidz - Virtue
14 428 Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
15 420 U.S. Girls - In A Poem Unlimited
16 413 Julia Holter - Aviary
17 384 Low - Double Negative
18 371 Pusha T - Daytona
19 365 Snail Mail - Lush
20 348 Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
21 347 Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears
22 342 Yves Tumor - Safe In The Hands Of Love
23 321 Amen Dunes - Freedom
23 321 Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch
25 300 JPEGMAFIA - Veteran
26 288 Denzel Curry - TA13OO
27 284 Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel
28 276 Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
29 275 Lucy Dacus - Historian
30 260 Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place
31 241 Haley Heynderickx - I Need to Start a Garden
32 235 Saba - Care For Me
33 227 Boygenius - Boygenius
33 227 The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
35 226 Jeff Rosenstock - POST-
36 225 Mount Eerie - Now Only
37 211 Kali Uchis - Isolation
38 202 Anna Von Hausswolff - Dead Magic
38 202 Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar
40 201 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs
41 196 Noname - Room 25
42 185 Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
43 179 Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
44 171 Sidney Gish - No Dogs Allowed
45 168 Jon Hopkins - Singularity
46 161 Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling 무너지기
47 153 Shame - Songs Of Praise
47 153 Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile
49 146 Soccer Mommy - Clean
50 145 Tropical Fuck Storm - A Laughing Death In Meatspace
50 145 Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food
52 137 Foxing - Nearer My God
53 135 Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo
54 131 Adrianne Lenker - abysskiss
55 127 BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence
55 127 Pinegrove - Skylight
57 126 Iceage - Beyondless
58 125 Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage
59 118 Blood Orange - Negro Swan
59 118 The Beths - Future Me Hates Me
61 114 Caroline Rose - LONER
62 105 DJ Koze - Knock Knock
63 101 Harunemuri - Harutosyura
64 100 Kanye West - ye
65 94 Robyn - Honey
66 89 Playboi Carti - Die Lit
67 88 Ought - Room Inside The World
68 82 Clarence Clarity - THINK: PEACE
69 80 Christine And The Queens - Chris
70 77 Jack White - Boarding House Reach
71 75 Travis Scott - Astroworld
72 70 Florence + The Machine - High As Hope
73 69 Superorganism - Superorganism
74 67 George Clanton - Slide
74 67 Rosalía - El Mal Querer
76 65 Natalie Prass - The Future And The Past
76 65 Vince Staples - FM!
78 64 Avantdale Bowling Club - Avantdale Bowling Club
79 59 Hippo Campus - Bambi
79 59 Mac Miller - Swimming
81 58 Kamasi Washington - Heaven And Earth
82 57 Mewithoutyou - [Untitled]
83 56 Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of
83 56 Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
85 55 serpentwithfeet - soil
86 54 Jonny Greenwood - Phantom Thread
86 54 Tim Hecker - Konoyo
88 53 Flasher - Constant Image
88 53 Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch
88 53 Typhoon - Offerings
91 52 Kurt Vile - Bottle It In
91 52 Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
93 51 Twenty One Pilots - Trench
94 50 Camp Cope - How To Socialize & Make Friends
94 50 Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt
96 49 Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose
97 48 Ariana Grande - Sweetener
97 48 Sleep - The Sciences
99 45 Anderson .Paak - Oxnard
100 44 Oh Sees - Smote Reverser
100 44 Sandro Perri - In Another Life​
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As promised: My comprehensive (and biased) list of fun or interesting things to do, eat, and see around Miami and Florida

General things anywhere (tourist friendly):


South Beach/Miami Beaches/Key Biscayne:

-SoBe (not touristy):

-North Beach:

-Biscayne/Virginia Key:



North Miami:

Gables area/Key Biscayne (I’m not too familiar):

South Miami/Homestead:








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The South Coast Metro Shopping

For a night on the town, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, a world-famend performing arts complicated adjoining to South Coast Plaza, options stage and concert halls in addition to repertory and cabaret theaters. The concierge at South Coast Plaza may even handle securing your tickets here and to different space attractions.
On October 15, 2018, it was introduced that Sears would be closing as a part of a plan to shut 142 stores nationwide. The Sears anchor was closed permanently on January 1, 2019, making it the last unique anchor retailer to close within the mall.
Located solely steps away from Michigan Avenue, the Oak Street District continues to draw in millions of visitors every year with walkways that act as pink carpets to posh storefronts and impressed interiors. It is the gem of Chicago’s Gold Coast, one of the prestigious areas in the Midwest and the second wealthiest neighborhood in the nation.
When I was prepared for a break from shopping, I retreated to South Coast Plaza’s VIP Access Suite, a quiet, personal oasis to sit down, chill out and regroup. The concierge checked my packages and offered me with an array of refreshments. This cozy lounge also presents a non-public dressing room, where consumers can meet with a private stylist. Walking into South Coast Plaza feels different from getting into any other buying vacation spot I even have visited. The use of pure mild and a calming indoor water characteristic gave me the impression that I may simply spend greater than a day exploring here.

South Coast Metro Shopping

Walk the bridge of a WW II warship, marvel at the forty four-ft motor lifeboat plowing by way of a wave in a rescue mission. Board the Lightship Columbia, a National Historic Landmark that after guided ships to safety on the mouth of the Columbia River. If recent produce, live music, and local artwork blended with a street market environment is your concept of a weekend properly spent, then the Astoria Sunday Market is a spot you possibly can’t afford to overlook. The second largest market of its sort in Oregon, celebrating its nineteenth season and spanning four city blocks, the Astoria Sunday Market is located within the heart of downtown Astoria.

San Diego: Culture, Shopping and Attractions

Be the primary to find out about unique offers and occasions at Oregon Coast Shopping Center. Our local enterprise directory acts as a tour guide to Chicago’s premiere locations. Peek into the buying, delicacies and best motels in Chicago and browse our part on occasions to plan your schedule out completely. Whether it’s one of the best spas, hotels, accommodations, eating places or a purchasing district in Chicago, Oak Street Chicago lets you discover what you’re on the lookout for.
The LAB Anti-Mall, a longtime OC arts hangout and bohemian buying oasis, honors the pattern-loving shopper within a relaxed open air environment. Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange, Eye Society, Blends, Carve, Crème Tangerine, and Crew Salon are one-of-a-sort retailers circling the LAB Living Room. From your early morning espresso repair at Cafecito Orgánico, café type ambiance at Gypsy Den and delicious vegan bites at Seabirds Kitchen, to dinner at award profitable Cuban restaurant Habana or Calipoke, The LAB eateries will fulfill any palate! While you’re right here, loosen up and spend some high quality time at the famend rust barrel fountain and fire pit, and peruse the classic trailer pop-up retailers sprinkled concerning the whimsical pathways. J. Segerstrom & Sons, based the Festival of Children Foundation in 2002.
The Vons grocery retailer signal instantly catches the eye, but Metro Town Square certainly doesn’t finish there. Convenience is key—one can pick up groceries, use the health club at LA Fitness, or utilize health and financial providers and extra all in one cease.
These Main Street areas regularly host free events for an added layer of fun. A shopping center featuring The Krave Kobe Burger Grill, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, Mustard Cafe, Newport Fusion Sushi, Pavilions, Starbucks Coffee, Zov's Bistro and more. The SoBECA District, an acronym for South on Bristol, Entertainment, Culture, Arts celebrates fashion, dining, arts and the outside as the heartbeat of Costa Mesa, City of the Arts. The LAB Anti-Mall and the CAMP eco-campus, throughout the street from each other on Bristol, form the cornerstone of this eclectic neighborhood of unique boutiques, one-of-a-type restaurants, artwork galleries, cafés and wellness providers.

Cocoa Beach Surf Company

Showcasing 200 distributors each week with arts and crafts from the unique coastal region in addition to a rotating forged of eclectic musicians, the market is a neighborhood hub properly worth the visit for any traveler. The vibrant food courtroom and quirky vendors border a nearby waterfront stroll that's easily accessible, and the refurbished trolley system offers access to all the remainder Astoria has to offer. Outlets From designer manufacturers to Pacific Northwest adventure gear, Lincoln City Outlets has everything on your subsequent quest on the Oregon Coast. The Space Coast boasts three Historic Downtown Areas positioned in Titusville, Cocoa Village, and Melbourne. All of those districts are nice locations for eating, looking for gifts and antiques, catching a play, or simply taking an afternoon stroll.
The Avenue Viera is an open-air pedestrian friendly purchasing destination that includes premier national retailers, select local retailers and specialty eating places. For visitors in touch with their inside artists, there are artwork galleries within the downtown areas and in Eau Gallie Arts District. Looming large with purchasing on the Space Coast is Ron Jon Surf Shop, the world's largest surf store that visitors need to see to believe.

Curbside Pick-Up and No-Contact Delivery Services at Oak Street District

Park in one of our shade-coded pickup zones and call your boutique or restaurant. Check our web site day by day for probably the most present record of boutiques and eating places. Other shopping choices in North Bend embody the Pony Village Mall, The Myrtlewood Factory, and Ko-Kwel Gifts at The Mill Casino. North Bend’s quaint downtown provides shoppers a blend of gift, vintage and outfitters to select from, including, Painted Zebra, Petal to the Metal, Books by the Bay, Josies Art Lab, Fat Cat Antiques, Mossy Rose, and lots of others. Beach Books is a regionally owned book store that includes best sellers and titles by regional authors.
The basis hosts the annual Festival of Children at South Coast Plaza each September. In March 2006, the Robinsons-May retailer, historically the first retailer at South Coast Plaza because the May Company, was closed as part of its merger with Macy's and re-opened as Bloomingdale's in May 2007. Upscale Italian, progressive American, authentic Chinese and Japanese, classic steakhouse are among dining choices that indulge the senses and revive the diner, permitting more time for exploring. In the center of downtown Chicago, the Oak Street District is the town’s destination for luxurious purchasing. A neighborhood of historical buildings housing the world’s most sought-after brand names and designers, it's a mélange of each charm and culture.

Top Spots for Independent Shopping on the Coast

You’ll discover the posh way of life boutiques Chicago’s downtown district shines for and discover Chicago’s best points of interest the casual vacationer overlooks. We’ll help navigate downtown Chicago, so you'll be able to stroll confidently into one of the best restaurants, motels, hostels, accommodations and clothing boutiques the town has to supply. Browse Oak Street Chicago’s native enterprise directory for a thorough catalogue of boutique purchasing, and eating places and also you’ll know exactly what to select on your destination adventure. Simply name them to order spring fashion or meals and you’ll receive a choose up time.
Six galleries, the Great Hall, and the Lightship Columbia interpret the area's rich maritime historical past. Visitors of all ages expertise what it's prefer to pilot a tugboat, take part in a Coast Guard rescue, and stay in Astoria in the course of the height of salmon fishing. Explore marine transportation from the times of dugout canoes, via the age of sail, to the current.

Boomster Blog: Local Coffee Spots on Florida's Space Coast

Since 2007, South Coast Plaza has held "Fashion Plates", an annual 10-day Restaurant Week-like promotion of its high-finish eating places at discounted rates. After a full day of buying, prepare to be wowed by the region’s wonderful sights, such as the beaches lining the pristine coastline of Orange County. A go to to Disneyland, for example, is an expertise the entire family can enjoy.
Other surf shops dot the coast together with Cocoa Beach Surf Company in Cocoa Beach and Longboard House on Melbourne Beaches. With so few reviews, your opinion of Newport Coast Shopping Center could possibly be big. Yelp customers haven’t asked any questions yet about Newport Coast Shopping Center. embodies all the comfort of a neighborhood shopping middle, boasting a wide range of retailers and companies that assist each the native business and residential neighborhood.
Everywhere I seemed, there was one thing that caught my eye – clothing, accessories, shoes and extra – especially since I received a 10 % off Visitor Savings Pass only for being an international customer. In the cosmetics division, I obtained fantastic personal service and a makeover. Macy’s at South Coast Plaza really has a lot to be desired, including a separate store only for males. Merritt Square Mall on Merritt Island and the Melbourne Square Mall in Melbourne provide traditional shopping mall venues.
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You Won't Get What You Want-Daughters

Boarding House Reach-Jack White
2012 - 2017-A.A.L. (Against All Logic)
Wide Awake!-Parquet Courts
Year of the Snitch-Death Grips
Joy as an Act of Resistance-Idles

Little Dark Age-MGMT
All at Once-Screaming Females
In a Poem Unlimited-U.S. Girls
You're Not Alone-Andrew W.K.
Dead Magic-Anna von Hausswolff
Firepower-Judas Priest
Twin Fantasy-Car Seat Headrest
Musas Vol. 2-Natalia Lafourcade
Bark Your Head Off, Dog-Hop Along
Virtue-The Voidz
Everything's Fine-Jean Grae & Quelle Chris
A Laughing Death in Meatspace-Tropical Fuck Storm
Dirty Computer-Janelle Monae
Isolation-Kali Uchis
Your Queen is a Reptile-Sons of Kemet
春と修羅 (harutosyura)-Haru Nemuri
The Sciences-Sleep
Stranger Fruit-Zeal and Ardor
Daytona-Pusha T
ye-Kanye West
Streams of Thought, Vol. 1-Black Thought
Clear Tamei-Iglooghost
Vile Luxury-Imperial Triumphant
Hate Music Last Time Delete-HMLTD
Trench-Twenty One Pilots
TA13OO-Denzel Curry
Time-Louis Cole
Twisted Crystal-Guerilla Toss
Negro Swan-Blood Orange
Collapse-Aphex Twin
Orpheus vs. the Sirens-Hermit and the Recluse
Room 25-Noname
Paraffin-Armand Hammer
Aviary-Julia Holter
El Mal Querer-Rosalia
Time 'n' Place-Kero Kero Bonito
Oxnard-Anderson .Paak
New Levels New Devils-Polyphia
The Light Is Leaving Us All-Current 93
DiCaprio 2-J.I.D
Some Rap Songs-Earl Sweatshirt
Modern Flows, Vol. 2-Marquis Hill

Bon Voyage-Melody's Echo Chamber
Primal Heart-Kimbra
Snares Like a Haircut-No Age
Ruins-First Aid Kit
Down Below-Tribulation
Beerbongs & Bentleys-Post Malone
Freedom's Goblin-Ty Segall
American Utopia-David Byrne
American Dolar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On-Keiji Haino & Sumac
Now Only-Mount Eerie
Mark Kozelek-Mark Kozelek
Czarface Meets Metal Face-CZARFACE & MF DOOM
Lil Boat 2-Lil Yachty
Singularity-Jon Hopkins
7-Beach House
I'm All Ears-Let's Eat Grandma
The Tree of Forgiveness-John Prine
God's Favorite Customer-Father John Misty
SR3MM-Rae Sremmurd
Four Pieces for Mirai-James Ferraro
Beware The Book Of Eli-Ski Mask The Slump God
Sweetener-Ariana Grande
High as Hope-Florence + Machine
Bad Witch-Nine Inch Nails
Die Lit-Playboi Carti
Hive Mind-The Internet
Whack World-Tierra Whack
And Nothing Hurt-Spiritualized
Lower East Suite Part Three-Onyx Collective
For My Crimes-Marissa Nadler
Steel Mogu-Iglooghost
I Loved You at Your Darkest-Behemoth
Slide-George Clanton
Safe in the Hands of Love-Yves Tumor
Am I A Girl?-Poppy
DROGAS Wave-Lupe Fiasco
THINK : PEACE-Clarence Clarity
Fetti-Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist
What Happens When I Try To Relax-Open Mike Eagle
FM!-Vince Staples
A Love Letter To You 3-Trippie Redd
Works by Tul Kupferberg (1923-2010)-Jeffrey Lewis And The Deposit Returners
Kai Whiston Bitch-Kai Whiston
Streams of Thought Vol. 2-Black Thought & Salaam Remi
i am > i was-21 Savage

Tha Carter V-Lil Wayne
A Brief Inqury Into Online Relationships-The 1975
Room Inside the World-Ought
POST--Jeff Rosenstock
Amen-Rich Brian
Cocoa Sugar-Young Fathers
Vacation in Hell-Flatbush Zombies
Communion-Park Jiha
PRhyme 2-PRhyme
Gangin-SOB X RBE
Tell Me How You Reall Feel-Courtney Barnett
Two Parts Together-Big Ups
Lush-Snail Mail
Invasion of Privacy-Cardi B
Age Of-Oneohtrix Point Never
Heaven and Earth-Kamasi Washington
Love Yourself 轉 Tear-BTS
Lamp Lit Prose-Dirty Projectors
Be the Cowboy-Mitski
Smote Reverser-Oh Sees
The Now Now-Gorillaz
Nasty-Rico Nasty
K.T.S.E.-Teyana Taylor
This Is My Dinner-Sun Kil Moon
I Want To Die In New Orleans-$uicideboy$
Konoyo-Tim Hecker
Electric Messiah-High on Fire
Bottle It In-Kurt Vile
Nina Cried Power-Hozier
Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tires Analogies-Milo
MUDBOY-Sheck Wes
City Morgue Vol. 1 : Hell Or High Water-ZillaKami & SosMula
Antipositive, Pt. 2-Little Big
Not All Heroes Wear Capes-Metro Boomin
Stokeley-Ski Mask The Slump God
Black Panther The Album-Various Artists

I can feel you creep into my private life-tUnE-yArDs
Godfather II-Wiley
A Productive Cough-Titus Andronicus
Time & Space-Turnstile
New Material-Preoccupations
Song For Alpha-Daniel Avery
Eat the Elephant-A Perfect Circle
Sex & Food-Unkown Mortal Orchestra
Bobby Tarantino II-Logic
My Dear Melancholy,-The Weeknd
Tranquilty Base Hotel & Casino-Arctic Monkeys
KOD-J. Cole
Ordinary Corrupt Human Love-Deafheaven
Jxmtro-Slim Jxmmi
Queen-Nicki Minaj
Slime Language-Young Thug
Goodbye & Good Riddance-Juice WRLD
Electricity Is On Our Side-Busdriver
Everything Is Love-The Carters
Head In The Clouds-88rising
Life's A Trip-Trippie Redd
Simulation Theory-Muse
Ballads 1-Joji
WRLD On Drugs-Future & Juice WRLD
White Bronco-Action Bronson
Championships-Meek Mill
X 100PRE-Bad Bunny

Swell-Tiny Moving Parts
Culture II-Migos
The Neighbourhood-The Neighbourhood
Golden Hour-Kacey Musgraves
The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Part I and II-Panopticon
A Girl Cried Red-Princess Nokia
Redemption-Jay Rock
Testing-A$AP Rocky
From Gas to Solid / You Are My Friend-Soap&Skin
East Atlanta Love Letter-6LACK
Quavo Huncho-Quavo
Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2-Lil Peep
The Last Rocket-Takeoff
Dummy Boy-6ix9ine

Memories Don't Die-Tory Lanez
Man of the Woods-Justin Timberlake
GOOD Job, You Found Me-Valee
Swimming-Mac Miller
Music Inspired by Illumination & Dr. Seuss' The Grinch-Tyler, the Creator

Nuthin' 2 Prove-Lil Yachty
The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story-Jaden

Swaecation-Swae Lee
Red Light-Bladee


Mania-Fall Out Boy
We Beefin?-Wendy's
Total Xanarchy-Lil Xan
When Legends Rise-Godsmack
Drip Harder-Lil Baby & Gunna
Anthem of the Peaceful Army-Greta Van Fleet
Origins-Imagine Dragons
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Album of the Year 2018 Write-Ups

Once again folks, it's about that season. Coming up starting December 1st, we'll be hosting our 4th (5th kinda if you count Album of the Year 1998) annual album of the year write-up series. Since we've got a whole sort of new members since last years write-ups, here's the rundown: for the entire month of December, over 60 members from the subreddit will be selected to write about their favorite albums of the year. Originally, we started off with only one write-up posted every day in December, but with how big the subreddit has gotten, we decided to opt for two a day in December. And now with another year and a lot more subscribers, we're making yet another change to the schedule by going back to the one-a-day schedule, but expanding Album of the Year 2018 into the entire month of January too.
Also if you've already looked down below, you'll see that some spots are already taken. These are all users who participated in last year's write-up series and are members of our AOTY Discord Server, which you can join by clicking the link above. This is your best portal for not only turning in and getting help with your write-up, but also a chance to talk with other users/writers and just have a fun old time.
And speaking of write-ups, this thread is your chance to do so. This list is done on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want a slot, comment with what album you want to write about ASAP. If the album you want to write about is already on the schedule, you can always sign up to our backups list in case that writer drops out. We'll also be looking for some extra editors/OPs, but that we'll get into once we actually start confirming dates and whatnot (which, if you want to do in this thread, would be a huge help). Anyways, here is our current, rough schedule and our list of backups:
Artist Album Writer
Palm Rock Island ReconEG
Mitski Be the Cowboy stansymash
Dirty Projectors Lamp Lit Prose PieBlaCon
Car Seat Headrest Twin Fantasy tad_phillip
Young Fathers Cocoa Sugar BornAgainZombie
Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed Hufflepuffgirl28
Low Double Negative waffel113
Nine Inch Nails Bad Witch sara520
mewithoutYou [Untitled] readyerrnot
IDLES Joy as an Act of Resistance jacksoncodfish
Jack White Boarding House Reach scratchedrecord_
Yves Tumor Safe In the Hands of Love @semiinteresting
Against All Logic 2012 - 2017 K-ralz
Black Dresses Wasteisolation _Earthrise_
Beach House 7 Yoooooouuuuuuuu
Foxing Nearer My God radmure
Sons of Kemet Your Queen Is a Reptile american_soviet
Amen Dunes Freedom broadboy
Ought Room Inside the World ErvinPepper
Kero Kero Bonito Time 'n' Place Xtsky11
Jon Hopkins Singularity jcb3939
Blood Orange Negro Swan LuigiEatsPopcorn
Julia Holter Aviary themilkeyedmender
Death Grips Year of the Snitch tedcruzcontrol
Parquet Courts Wide Awake! FuckingTeemo
Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog kmcdow
Vundabar Smell Smoke blueboredom_
Daniel Blumberg Minus NonNewtonianFigs
Haley Heynderickx I Need to Start a Garden aulyve
Melody's Echo Chamber Bon Voyage johancolli
No Age Snares Like a Haircut Del_Paxton
Adrianne Lenker abysskiss Bosphorus_f_e_d
DJ Healer Nothing 2 Loose greencaptain
Jeff Rosenstock POST- waterlundoner221
Spiritualized And Nothing Hurt pigammon
Mastersystem Dance Music 11thhourblues
Anna von Hausswolff Dead Magic TristanCorb
Ovlov Tru wolleyreikivalley
Empath Liberating Guilt and Fear killerthompson
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Hope Downs simonthedlgger
Fucked Up Dose Your Dreams ReginaldTippins
Noname Room 25 FFjal
The Tallest Man on Earth When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground Whatsanillinois
Mount Eerie (after) Molymoly
Ezra Furman Transangelic Exodus TayloTayloBookito
Sloan Twelve (12) Falcons2Flynn
U.S. Girls In a Poem Unlimited tell-the-king
Lucy Dacus Historian SMTVash
Father John Misty God's Favorite Customer jamaicanhopscotch
Ty Segall Freedom's Goblin chkessle
Barely March Marely Barch darianb1031
Kali Uchis Isolation mee-rkat
Superorganism Superorganism HoppedUpOnAdderall
Graduating Life Grad Life NMHipsterTrash
Mothers Render Another Ugly Method J_Brekkie
Quelle Chris and Jean Grae Everything's Fine NotGenericAnimator
Tirzah Devotion Piesnberg
Grouper Grid of Points FKArene
Armand Hammer Paraffin I_n_somniac
Screaming Females All at Once trista2
Half Waif Lavender preferredmethod
Artist Album Writer
Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino waffel113
Caroline Rose LONER tad_phillip
Dean Blunt SOUL ON FIRE ReconEG
Ezra Furman Transangelic Exodus BornAgainZombie
The Voidz Virtue Hufflepuffgirl28
Let's Eat Grandma I'm All Ears jacksoncodfish
Mark Kozelek Mark Kozelek american_soviet
Low Double Negative LuigiEatsPopcorn
Porches The House PieBlaCon
Sidney Gish No Dogs Allowed waterlundoner221
Mitski Be the Cowboy waterlundoner221
Parquet Courts Wide Awake! Luckylino
Courtney Barnett Tell Me How You Really Feel simonthedigger
Vundabar Smell Smoke batmanisafurry
Binker & Moses Alive in the East Molymoly
David Attias Elephant ClocktowerMaria
Jeff Rosenstock POST- FKArene
Eric Chenaux Slowly Paradise garyp714
Now, Now Saved SgtSoundrevolver
Snail Mail Lush askyfullofstars
Soccer Mommy Clean askyfullofstars
Shame Songs of Praise SwellingMusic
We'll be back soon with dates and more details!
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[US to World] I desperately need that closet space. Buy my stuff! Eye palettes added. Mostly mini: skincare, lipsticks, haircare, mascaras. Really, there's a little bit of everything, defying my title writing abilities


Only swapping for these items at this time, and would consider buying depending on price:


feel free to ask for additional pics!


  • Estee Lauder 05 in the buff (new) - $5
  • Starlooks bare (new and wrapped) - $1
Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks: All BNIB
Bite Beauty Lipsticks:
  • Mauvember luminous creme lipstick (2016 version I believe) (used 2x) - $14
  • Minis | Bellini (luminous Creme, used 1x), radish (luminous Creme, new), palomino (amuse Bouche, new) - $4 each
  • Others, all minis except primer | the lip pencil in 04 (new, $3), Matte Creme lip crayon in pastille (new, $5), high pigment pencil in pomegranate (used 3x and bullet a little loose in tube, $2), Matte Creme lip crayon in blanc (new, $5), line and define lip primer (full sized & new, $5)
Mac lipsticks:
  • Shanghai spice (used roughly 5x) - $10
  • Flat out fabulous (well loved) - $6
  • Strip poker, with the Osbourne packaging (swatched, no box) - $15
  • Goddess of the sea, with the alluring aquatics packaging (swatched, no box) - $17
  • Siren song, with the alluring aquatics packaging (BNIB) - $18
  • Patent polish in kittinish (new) - $6
Other mid end lipsticks: All new
  • Estee lauder lip flip shade transformer in turn down - $5
  • Tarte lipsurgence in flush - $5
  • Doucce matte lip crayon x2 in 405 winterberry (not sure if full sized or DS, but looks pretty big from the tube - $2 each
Drugstore lipsticks
Liquid lipsticks: $4 each unless otherwise specified
  • Mostly minis: KVD backstage bambi, Stila patina, Tartiest birthday suit, Too faced melted full size in ruby, Bare Minerals gen nude in swag, ciate voodoo, Rimmel show off in Big Bang (new, $1)
  • More minis - Urban Decay 'amulet', Smashbox liquid lipstick mini, doesn't say the color but it's a mauvy pink - $4 each
Mini lipsticks:
  • Buxom full bodied lipsticks in a pinky coral shade that I’m pretty sure is ‘mistress,’ but the label has rubbed off (used 3x) and swinger (used 2x) - $3 each
  • Urban Decay jilted (new, but has a lot of wax bloom) - FWP
  • MUFE artist rouge creme C211 (new) - $3
  • Balms, Neutrogena spf 15 and Burt’s bees (new) - $1 each


Drugstore small palettes:
  • Wet & Wild trio for brown & hazel eyes (see usage) - $1
  • Milani runway eyes in Designer browns (see usage, and bottom shade broken) - $1
Pigments, loose shadows, glitters: Bella Terra mineral shadow in Emotion (new), Bare Minerals loose shadow in Cultured Pearl (new, but labels have rubbed off from being in my purse), Ulta mineral shadow in snow (used 1x), - $1 each
Pressed single shadows:
Cream Shadows

Eyes - Other

Mascara: Full sized & new
  • Lorac Pro - $7
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes - $14
Mascara minis: All new, and $4 each unless otherwise stated
  • Pic 1 - Lancôme definicils, Lancome Hypnose drama excessive black (x2), Marc Jacobs velvet noir, Bobbi brown eye opening mascara
  • Pic 2 - Benefit they're real, Mac false lashes ($2), Mac extreme dimension ($2), Tarte lash paint
  • Urban decay troublemaker
  • Pic: Sephora lashcraft
  • Hourglass Caution
Liquid eyeliners: All new
Pencil liners:
  • Dimitri James Skinn liner in Navy Seal (new) - $1
  • ME eyeliner in amethyst (new) - FWP
  • Urban Decay 24/7 in Binge (sharpened 1-2x) - $7
  • MUFE DS liner in M-10 (black) (new) - $4
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in minx (new, but dried so that the liner has shrunk into the tube. Not sure if still usable) - FWP
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in 1999 (sharpened a couple of times) - $7
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in torch (sharpened a few times, maybe 2/3 left?) - $6

Single Shadow Pans

I went crazy buying various filled palettes from users here, so have a few doubles. Some are a little dusty from a shimmer bomb shadow that EXPLODED in a z-palette. Will package these in a little sleeve I make with an index card + bubble wrap. I've shipped many shadows this way and haven't had an issue. Please check swatches as my lighting isn't the best! Everything is magnetic.
Makeup Geek: $4 each unless specified. A few are depots from either the Vegas Lights or Manny palette, so these dont have a sticker, but rather the name printed directly on the pan.
  • Light mattes | mirage (depot), peach smoothie | Preppy, preppy, desert sands
  • Darker mattes | Wild west, sidekick, cabin fever | Aphrodite (depot), cherry cola, cocoa bear (broken, $3), corrupt
  • Random mattes | Taupe notch, faux fur
  • Light shimmers | shimma shimma | casino (depot), moondust, homecoming, homecoming
  • Darker shimmers | sin city, cosmopolitan | Pocket change, sensuous
Mac: $4 each unless specified
ABH: $8 each unless specified
Coloured Raine: $4 each unless specified
  • Mattes | Native, moments, chocolate | hot cocoa, brick
  • Shimmers | Cinnamon lust, s'mores, vintage | Intergalactic
Colourpop: $3 unless otherwise specified
  • Pic | Take the lead, paper tiger, made to last | Come and get it, double date, too much
MUFE D/S shadow in I-544 (used 2x) - $1


DS Primers: All new
Foundation/BB Creams:
DS Concealers and 1 foundation that got miscategorized: All new
  • KVD Lockit in L3 Warm - $4
  • Yaby Foundation in Buff - $1
  • Trestique concealer stick in Bisque - $1
Face color:
Blush Pans: Please look up swatches. Color is not showing up true at all due to baby blue background and bad lighting
  • Makeupgeek summer fling (used couple times; can’t tell from pic but it’s a peach color) - $4
  • Inglot #51 - $4


(All are minis unless otherwise stated)
Josie Maran argan finishing balm (new) - $3
DS Masks and Treatments: All new
DS overnight treatments:
DS Toners and Serums: All new
DS Potted Moisturizers: All new
Other DS Moisturizers and creams: All new
DS eye creams: All new
DS Face washes: All new
WilmaSchumann Hydrating collagen eye pads (1 pack) - $1

Hair Minis

Everything is new unless otherwise stated
Volume and Texture minis: $4 each & new unless specified
  • Proganix volume builder and root booster (may not be a DS, as this is pretty large, 5.1oz)
  • Serge Normant dream big volume spray
  • Octavio la playa sea spray
  • Amika undone texture spray (used 1x)
  • Pic: IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray (used 1x), Ouai texturizing hair spray
  • Living Proof dry volume blast
Treatment minis: all new, and $4 each unless otherwise stated 1st group
  • Dry Bar bay breeze hydrating shot
  • Verb leave in mist - $3
  • Caviar anti frizz Dry oil mist
  • Beauty protector leave in conditioner
  • Ouai treatment mask (x2)
  • Small bottle of hair oil, not sure brand - fwp
2nd group
  • DevaCurl wave maker for texture & volume
  • IGK mistress hydrating hair balm
  • N4 lumier d'hiver super comb prep & protect
  • Amika soul food hydrating mask one use $1
  • Amina soul food mask x2 - $5
3rd group
Styling minis:

Tools and Misc

Tarte lashes & lash glue set: I think the style is called 'center of attention' - $3
Small Makeup Forever empty palettes: Open, Closed Pictured with shadows (standard 26mm pans like Mac, ABH, MUG) for scale. $2 for the large one at upper left, $1 each for the others
Bundle of 10 random eye brushes, various brands and usage (grouped randomly) - $7
  • Group 1: includes Avon, coastal scents, and unknown brands. The ones with the brown bristles are VERY soft, but lack the stiffness I like for precise placement.
  • Morphe mb13
  • Group 2: includes a coastal scents blending brush and a Lorac(?) shader
  • Clean minis scents 'warm cotton' and 'cashmere' (dabbed a few times each) - $5 each
Nail Polish: All new
  • Julep polishes (all new) - Cynthia, Courtney - $2 each
  • Other: Formula X “Astronomical”, Nails Inc matte top coat, Sally Hanson “Fuzz-sea”, Sally Hanson (don’t know the name, but it’s like a top coat with matte glitters) - $2 each for first 3, $1 each for last two
Sephora play smarts makeup bag shaped like a CD case: Open, Closed - $2
submitted by mutterings to makeupexchange [link] [comments]


\*new items added for August*\**
Sorry for the formatting! I tried copying from my GoogleDoc, didn't look as pretty as planned lol.
Shipping from New Jersey, starts at 3$. I am a student so I only ship on Thurs-Sunday.
If the price is higher than retail, it is because it is a limited edition item.
Please don’t make an offer to pay half of what I have the item listed for.
Minimum $10 before shipping fees.
Please see bottom for GWPs- one per person please, unless you spend over 30 (then choose 2).
Will invoice you via PayPal and I will cover the fee.
Please note for Colourpop items: I only am selling items that look like they are still creamy. However, I am not going to test brand new or swatched items to make sure they are still creamy. Colourpops formula can dry out (esp on some older releases), but this can be easily fixed using fix plus spray or water as far as I’m aware. I tried to photograph the condition as best as I could and I did not remove the lid to expose the product in an attempt to lessen the chance of it drying out. (I’ve only had 5 shadows in my collection of 300+ CP shadows get dry on me and they were all mattes). Colourpops writing also tends to fade on the packaging on the front plastic so please be aware of this when looking at the pics.
Too Faced
Just Peachy Mattes- usage as shown- 15
Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes
Artist Palette- used 1-2x some shades only swatched, 33
Tamanna Dress Your Face- used 1-2x- comes with look cards, box, and brush 36
Maya Mia- swatched, has brush- 33
Maya Mia- swatched with box and brush- 35
Lavish- most colors swatched- 35
Subculture- BNIB- 25
Ipsy x Tetris Game On Palette- 1-2 colors swatched, rest brand new- 10
SOLD Huda Beauty Neon Green Palette- BNIB- 26
Mac x Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad- used once- 25
Riri x Mac Smoked Cocoa Quad- one shade swatched, comes with box- 27
MakeUp Geek Eyeshadow Singles- swatched only in original packaging- 4 each or both for 6
Duochromes- BNIB and 5 each or all 3 for 12
Bobbi Brown
Velvet Plum (3) Metallic Eyeshadow- 15
Colourpop shadows
Hung Up eyeshadow pan- BN- 4
Colourpop x Jaime King #alchemy eyeshadow set- BNIB- 34- VERY slight crumbling on top middle shade, which is “the golden child”
SOLD hot tamale bnib 8
SOLD paisley bnib 5
glitterati bnib 10
SOLD muse bnib 5
SOLD by my side bnib 8
birthday girl bnib 8
SOLD tang bnib 8
SOLD boy band bnib 8
prickly pear bnib 5
Stila liquid liner
moss bnib 15
periwinkle bnib 15
bad gal mascara travel size bnib 8
quickliner for eyes intense ebony bnib 12
Natasha Denona
Blush duo palette 14, swatched, $28
Maybelline face primers, used once, $5 each or both for $8
Blur and Illuminate 200
Blur and Smooth 100
Mac Mineralized Skin Finishes $25 each, all old packaging/formula (this matters to some people)
Star Wonder swatched
Light Flush used twice
SOLD Lightscapade used once
Crew used once
Light Year used once
Clinique Cheek Pop- each for 15 or both for $25 BOTH SOLD
Each was swatched once
SOLD 07 cola pop
SOLD 03 berry pop
SOLD Dim Light- full size, usage shown- 30
SOLD Radiant Magenta Blush- full size, usage shown- 20
SOLD Ambient Lighting Palette- swatched, 47
All the deluxe travel size, brand new never used, and all come with the brush; 8 each or all 3 for $20 ALL SOLD
2x Hoola bronzer
Galifornia blush
Bobbi Brown
High Light Powder in Bronze Glow- used twice- $30
Highlight/bronzeblush trio- peach cheek palette- swatched- marked as sample- $30
Colourpop super shock cheeks
strapped used once 8
hello kitty school is fun swatched 9
over the moon swatched 10
over the moon used 1-2x 8
perilune swatched 10
honeymoon swatched 10
teasecake used once 8
flexitarian swatched 6
hello kitty school is fun bnib 12
SOLD hello kitty school is fun bnib 12
hello kitty yummy cookies swatched 10
double dip used 1-2x 8
parasol swatched 9
non-fiction swatched 9
butterfly beach swatched 9
spoon (1 available) used 1-2x 6
disney part of your world bnib 7
disney a smile and a song bnib 7
churro tie dye (2 available) bnib 10
SOLD forget me not swatched 9
high five swatched 9
road trip swatched 12
glo up swatched 9
might be swatched 9
might be used once 8
monster used once 6
hippo used once 6
electric slide swatched 9
scrumptious swatched 9
jamie king pretty bonnes swatched 10
birthday suit used once 6
bardot swatched 10
between the sheets used 1-2x 6
SOLD tongue tied used once 10
prenup used 1-2x 6
tough love (2 available) swatched 12
hysterical used 3 times, is cracking 7
rain used once 9
urban decay blushes
bittersweet swatched 14
score used once 14
fetish used once 14
Mac blushes
pinch o peach blush used with dip 10
SOLD supernova mineralized blush swatched- 20
SOLD merrily mineralized blush swatched- 20
craving extra dimension blush swatched 20
panic extra dimension blush swatched 20
couer battant limited edition blush- swatched- 25
outlaw blush- swatched- 24
concealer in vanilla/honey both shades swatched with clean applicator 20
Virtual Domination Cheek Palette- used once- 35
Liquid lipsticks
LA girl all brand new and sealed in plastic
$3 each or take all 4 for $10
Colourpop- all $4
All swatched or used once with a separate applicator unless noted otherwise
Bumble used twice
Littlestitious used twice
Tiny chum
Echo park
Man eater
Magic wand
Lumiere 2
Mug shot
Nine to five
BNIB maneater- $5
LA Splash- both used twice
Studio shine lip lustres in Nala and Belle 8 each or 14 for both
Lime Crime
Pumpkin- swatched with box- 14
Suedeberry- used 3 times, special packaging- 10
Happi- used twice- 12
Kat von D- both used once
Bow and arrow (tag came off) and requiem- 10 each or both for 18
Anastasia Beverly Hills
All used once except for pure Hollywood which was used 3 times. Each 10$, Pure Hollywood is 8$
Pure Hollywood
Trust issues
All used once, $10 Each or all 3 for $25
Dose of Colors
Stone, used 3 times, $10
Normal Lipsticks
Nyx Lipsticks from Limited Edition Wicked and Macaron collections; all swatched only; 4 each
Orange blossom
Blue velvet
Earl gray
Tom Ford
Lip foil in Venus Rising, usage shown, full size, $28
bite beauty
meringue lipstick lightly swatched once 17
butter cream lipstick in pecan bnib 16
Grandifolia usage shown- 14
Kat von D
SOLD lullabye bnib 13
lovecraft used twice 10
Nars audacious lipsticks
ingrid used once 20
dominique used once 20
vera bnwob 22
annabella bnwob 22
marlene swatched 20
audrey swatched 21
vanessa swatched 21
fanny swatched 21
greta swatched 21
janet swatched 21
Grande Lips
lip plumper bnib 12
Mac lipsticks
simpsons red blazer lipglass bnib 21
simpsons itchy scratchy sexy lipglass bnib 21
simpsons nacho cheese explosion lipglass bnib 21
head in the clouds bnib 20 2 available
sweet experience bnib 20
good kisser bnib 20
primrose swatched 21
mangrove swatched 21
candy wrapped (tender tone lip balm) bnib 20
red balloon bnib 20 2 available
studded kiss-marked sample swatched 22
new york apple used once 15
crosswires used once 15
try again bnib 20
SOLD enchanted one bnib 25
SOLD margherita bnib 25
SOLD bianca b bnib 25
pure silliness bnib 18
mlle usage shown 16
ruby woo usage shown 12
roselily swatched 18
dish it up swatched 18
la vie in rouge swatched 16
damn glamorous swatched 16
night to remember swatched 20
snapdragon swatched 18
kinky swatched 18
toxic tale swatched 16
lingering kiss swatched 18
rebel used once 15
d for danger swatched 16
heroine swatched 17
heaux swatched 18
antique velvet swatched 16
fleur d'coral swatched 18
liquid lurex swatched 25
Milani amor matte metallic lip crème in 12 prismatic touch
Nyx lip lingerie in lipli
Nyx away we glow liquid highlighter in state of flux
Kiko Milano lip pencil gloss in 00
Doucce matte lipstick in winterberry
Bareminerals eyeshadow duo in mixologist and cognac- swatched
Burberry fresh glow fluid base SOLD
Mac clease off oil SOLD
Sephora ultra shine lip gel in perfect nude
Naked cosmetics naturally nude pigment
Giorgio Armani liquid lipstick in 400
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Sloppy Pelican Sport Bar & Casino - Hotel Coco Beach ... Cocoa Beach Pier Live - YouTube COCONUTS @ COCOA BEACH Goa/coco beach/dolphin ride/casino/nightlife/vlog/backpack ... LIVE:Sunday Drive. Cocoa Beach Drive-By. Getting some Vitamin D. The A3tv Bikini Contest  Miami Beach  - YouTube Spring Break 2020 Wild Pool Party  Daytona Beach Bash ... Victory Casino Cruises Walk Thru of the Ship MAUNALOA CASINO -

Best Casinos in Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 - Victory Casino Cruises (2.7/5), Melbourne Greyhound Park (4/5), Wild 777s Arcade (No ratings), Tynda Holdings (No ratings), All in Casino Events (No ratings), Orlando Hold'em (5/5), Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club (3.9/5), Casino Reservations (No ratings), Orange City Racing and Card Club (3.3/5) Casino Gambling in the Cocoa Beach Area. Cruise to Victoryaboard a Victory Casino Cruise and enjoy the best Casino gambling in the Cocoa Beach area! Las Vegas style casino gambling is closer than you may think. Discover for yourself everything that Victory Casino Cruises casino gambling day cruises have to offer with one of our day or evening cruises in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whether on a ... Casino Gambling Cocoa Beach. Cruise to Victoryaboard a Victory Casino Cruise and enjoy the best Casino gambling in Cocoa Beach! Las Vegas style casino gambling is closer than you may think. Discover for yourself everything that Victory Casino Cruises casino gambling day cruises have to offer with one of our day or evening cruises in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whether on a vacation getaway or a ... There is no casino in Cocoa beach and that is a shame! But there is no need to fret, there are some fantastic nearby casinos, like Victory Casino Cruise Port Canaveral, Club52 Poker Melbourne, Fort Pierce Jai Alai Casino, Daytona Beach Racing & Card Club and Seminole Brighton Casino. In most casinos, you'll have no problem discovering classic tables such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and often ... Bookmakers Cocoa Beach Casino Services Our site enables visitors to read honest real players’ reviews that are posted by customers of some of the best brands in the iGaming industry. Get to know more about leading betting mobile apps that are optimized for modern smart devices. Don’t leave Cocoa Beach Casino without the chance to share your experience and rate the bookmakers yourself. The mobile Cocoa Beach Casino Cruise casino has taken the concept of personalized gaming to a whole new level. Now you can Cocoa Beach Casino Cruise play on the go 24×7 regardless of where you are. All you Cocoa Beach Casino Cruise need is a smartphone that gives you Internet access via 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. We have listed for you some of the top mobile Cocoa Beach Casino Cruise casinos around. Boutique: Perla’s Beach Boutique. Located next to our lobby, it is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Grab a swimming suit or an evening gown here. Casino: Although the casino is not ours it is located next to our hotel. Reservations: Call 506-2670-0494 or email [email protected] Learn More If you’re looking for more to see and do, you can add Cocoa Beach Pier and Cocoa Beach Beach to your list. What are my transportation options for my casino getaway to Cocoa Beach? Getting around Cocoa Beach is easier with these transportation options: You can fly into the nearest airport, which is Orlando Intl. Airport (MCO), situated 43.2 mi (69.5 km) from the city center.

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Sloppy Pelican Sport Bar & Casino - Hotel Coco Beach ...

Coco beach dolphin ride About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... 11x world champ home town cocoa Beach Florida - Duration: 2:54. Cut Snake 3,788 views. 2:54. Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever! - Duration: 18:09. The World of Boxing! Recommended ... 🔴LIVE:Sunday Drive. Cocoa Beach Drive-By. Getting some Vitamin D. It’s a gorgeous Florida Day. Enjoy the day with us as we Drive to Cocoa Beach just to see what’s up and who’s out. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Apoyando nuestra campaña como vecino de zona. Gracias Casino Maunaloa por su gesto solidario con nuestra ciudad. Spring Break 2020 Craziest beach party at Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Spring Break is coming up in March and Afro B will be there. Daytona is known to br... Try Our New 24/7 Live Stream Channel Here - A3tv Invites you to try ‘Dancestar TV’. It’s pure Electronic Music culture 24/7, your ticke... Victory Casino Cruise Ship Tour - Duration: 10:35. Florida Streaming 1,906 views. 10:35. Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work - Duration: 10:00. americancasinoguide Recommended for you. 10 ...